12 Life Changing Healthy Habits to Adopt

Ahh good old January… the first month of the year may not always be our favourite but is there ever a better time to adopt healthy habits? If you need some help to find the love for January then you can find that here. Healthy habits… you have been here many times no doubt! Full of optimism that this will be the year you make those changes. But what changes will really make a difference? As a lover of goal setting, I have tried sticking to many healthy habits over the years and whilst some have been more difficult than others what I will share with you in today’s post have really made a difference to my life.

Now I’m not Mrs perfect over here, do I manage these all year religiously? absolutely not. But I have made good progress with the habits I am about to share. Therefore I can tell you that you too should be adopting these healthy habits right now to improve your mind, body and soul.

Healthy Habits to Adopt

Fun Fact: Did you know it takes 66 days to form a new habit? this is backed by studies. People often think it’s 21 days but it is indeed more. So cut yourself some slack… know that it is not easy to form a new habit. You might have days that aren’t as good as others and that is okay. Just don’t quit! A bad day doesn’t have to mean a bad week… You can do this! So here are the 12 healthy habits you should adopt this year…

1. Hot Water and Lemon in the Morning

Some claim drinking hot water and lemon first thing in the morning cleanses your liver and detoxifies your body. However, these claims are a little stretched but that does not mean it is not a great drink to start your day. It is a great source of vitamin c, copper, potassium and antioxidants and it also helps to keep your immune system strong.

2. Daily Affirmations

Hopefully, if you are reading this you will have heard of daily affirmations before… but just in case you haven’t… what are they? They are positive statements you say to yourself every morning to set you up for the day, the week or the year. Affirmations have been proven to rewire our brains by changing our thought patterns and making us think that anything is possible. Need some help? here’s are a few off my list… I am filled with gratitude and happiness. I greet every day with excitement. I have unlimited potential. Maybe think of 10+ phrases, write them down and whilst drinking your hot water and lemon say them three times.

3. Meditation

Don’t think you have time to meditate? yes you have! Just five minutes… five minutes a day will make a world of difference. Surely you can spare that when there are 1440 minutes within each day. Make time to calm that chatter in your brain. I hear you… I can’t do it, I can’t switch off my thoughts… that is NORMAL. It does get better with time. Nobody has a more chatty brain than mine, I wish I could open a flap and take it out haha! But with PRACTICE meditation is getting easier for me. Get a great app like Insight timer which provides free guided meditations. The benefits of meditation are countless (will save this for another post!) Get on board with it now!

4. Move Your Body Daily

You’ve heard it a million times but you must move your body daily. I don’t mean just walking to the car either! Got a desk job? Go for a walk on your lunch. The fresh air will do you a world of good too. I know exercise isn’t for everyone but try and find something you can do. Maybe it is swimming, tennis with a friend or just a walk every day? Just try and move that body! In case you still need more convincing aside from the obvious benefits it combats so many health conditions and diseases!

5. Have a Smoothie Every Day

We are always on the go lets face it and anyway we can get goodness in us on the go is a bonus. Smoothies are a fantastic way of boosting your daily intake of fruit and veg. Not to mention you can supercharge them with things like nuts, seeds, goji berries and more! Choose a few you like the sound of, don’t pick over complicated ones… remember the easier they are to make the more likely you will continue! Still not convinced? there are smoothie deliver services out there who bring pre-packaged ingredients straight to your door check out the Honestly Good Smoothie Company!

6. Eat Mindfully

When it is time to eat do it mindfully. Yes, you will eat on the go sometimes but where possible STOP to eat. I have been as guilty as the next person… shovelling a sandwich down whilst at my laptop or driving! I am a realist though, I realise sometimes I will still do this in today’s busy world. However, I am now endeavouring to schedule a time to eat and actually stop to do so. Not just that but not doing anything else at the same time ( if I’m eating alone I am guilty of looking at my phone!) chewing my food properly and really focusing on the taste of what I’m eating. Hands up if you have eaten something but not really savoured the taste because you’re so distracted?!

7. Body Brush 3x Every Week

A healthy habit I have been practising since the start of last year. Do I do it 3x every week?… in truth no! but I usually manage twice a week and that is better than none! What are the benefits of body brushing? it stimulates the lymphatic system and increases circulation, exfoliates the skin, it can actually prevent ingrowing hairs and reduce cellulite. oh yeah and it feels like have a real good scrtach! no?…. that’s just me then haha!

8. Plan Your Meals

Fact is if you plan your meals you are more likely to make healthy choices. Taking a pre-prepared lunch to work is bound to be healthier than any of the temptations you pick up in the work canteen! I like to write down Monday to Friday and under each day write what we will have. This also makes for faster and cheaper shopping trips. Your new Sunday night habit is meal planning!

9. Make Time For You

Also know as self-care… It doesn’t matter what it is but make sure in each day you do something for you. It could be reading for 10 minutes, a bubble bath, watching your favourite programme. These moments help you recharge… I know myself if I don’t have time for me I start to freak out and be moody with everyone. It’s an age-old saying but you can’t pour from an empty cup!

10. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Confession time… probably the habit I least seem to be making a habit! My intention is to fill it in every night… I probably manage three times a week. Gratitude journals really help you appreciate what you have and find some good in every single day. Some days this is harder than others but there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

11. Charge Your Phone Downstairs at Night

Don’t deny you aimlessly scroll through your phone before bed, not good given it emits that blue light that stimulates your brain! Let me guess… your alarm is on your phone so it is the first thing you reach for in the morning and no doubt look through it then too. These are Bad bad habits. Charging your phone downstairs will help break this one. I like to be off mine by 9:30pm ideally and don’t look at it in the morning until I am ready for the day. I struggle mostly with the night part, but I am getting better.

12. Make Sleep a Priority

Getting 7 – 8 hours sleep a night is a must. Boring I know… I use to like the saying ‘you can sleep while you’re dead’ haha! (when I when out partying a lot!) But I have to admit the nights when I get a full 8 hours I have more zest for life the next day. I’m a busy girl… I have so much I want to do but I have learnt to make sleep a priority and you should too!

So there we have it… 12 life changing healthy habits to adopt right now! Is there any you would add to this list? I just know these are the ones I tried, tested and fully recommend.

Rachael 🙂 x

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