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I am not a hoarder…

There is nothing quite like an impending house move to make you look at how much stuff you actually own. I tell myself I am not hoarder… but is this true? I’m not so sure…

I have a house full of stuff like most people but how much of it do I actually use? I do regularly donate things to charity, throw things away but still I am coming to realise that I have way too many things. About a year ago I bought Marie Kondos book ‘The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying’. This promised to provide an effective way to banish clutter forever. After reading it I did have a major declutter but perhaps didn’t fully commit to her methods as the clutter slowly came back. It’s too much to explain her methods here but I would definitely recommend this book if your looking to get fired up about tidying.

I am not a naturally tidy person… clean but not tidy. My boyfriend actually calls me the whirlwind!! You see I start a task, get distracted with something else and then look at the clock and realise I have to leave to be somewhere!! Leaving a mess… or doing some kind of crazed tidying that’s really just stuffing things away. But what if actually didn’t have so much stuff in the first place?! Then I couldn’t make so much mess right?! You see where I’m going with this…

I am hearing the word minimalism more and more these days so decided to look into this a bit. Now why I’m not about to downsize so I could fit my worldly possessions into a backpack a lot of the information I read about minimalism is really resonating with me. Sometimes I feel I’m drowning in stuff and it’s exhausting. Do I really need 10 sets of pyjamas? 7 different shampoos on the go? 3 different potato mashers?! (Okay so maybe that’s because I can’t seem to make mash that’s not lumpy so I kept buying them!) but you get my jist.

So guys I am about to embark on a major decluttering journey… I don’t think it will be easy but it should be worth it. You know what they say…tidy house, tidy mind. Let’s see if it’s true. I will share some blog posts with you as I go along…. hopefully that will keep me motivated too. If you’ve got any tips about decluttering or minimalism feel free to share.

Rachael 🙂 x


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