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Braving a No Buy…

Yep… I’m considering braving a no buy. I can hear my friends laughing as they read this! But one does love a good challenge. The term ‘No Buy’ has crossed my path several times in 2019. If you’ve been following my blog you will know I briefly talked about my consumerism habits and was wanting to become a more mindful shopper. Then in June I talked about how I’m not doing enough for the planet and talked about my eco friendly mission.

What’s a no buy?

Well the name is a tad misleading as of course it’s virtually impossible to stop buying everything. However it is possible to not buy new unnecessary items and make use of what you have. Upon joining this movement you determine your own rules. Popular ones include you may only replace essential items once they have run out. Now here’s the grey area… you determine what’s essential. So for example I would deem certain items of make up essential to my life. I’m not about to forgo mascara for example other people might but that is not for me!

Why do a no buy?

Good question… am I insane? Ha ha! Okay so after moving house last year I realised how much I actually overbuy. My friends have accused me of being a marketers dream in the past. However I have already made some changes to my consumerism habits since my move. I reckon that around 70% of my time on a weekly basis is taken up by my job as a dance teacher and going to the gym. Therefore I am rarely out of work out clothes. So keep purchasing items that don’t fit into this category when I already have many is a waste of money.

The financial side…

Many enter into a no buy simply because they have to. When a shopping addiction has spiralled out of control and they have racked up credit card bills to make your eyes water. This is not me thank god. I learnt my lesson with this fairly early on in life when I went to New York and blew £6000 on a credit card which consequently was a pain to pay back quickly.

My financial situation is good, I have less than £1000 debt. I have savings in the bank to which I add to monthly. The savings are mostly to go towards a house deposit with my other half when we move hopefully next year.

My reasons for a no buy…

1. I empty my bank account every month. Who can relate? Every penny is gone! I want to get to the end of the month with money in my bank (I do save but this about wanting money left in my current account)

2. I already have enough stuff!

3. I want to appreciate what I have more

4. I want to be less susceptible to advertising (ha ha!)

5. I want to have more time to be creative (this could be the time I spend mindlessly browsing online or the days I go shopping just because)

6. Boost my savings prior to moving

7. I like a challenge

A year though?

Okay guys the thought of a year is making my head fall off so I’m going to commit to six months. I will be starting next week so this is September to February. I realise Christmas is in the middle of this so that will be complete torture no doubt when I see all the pretty things I want. Also I’m going away in February so that will be a tough one too to not shop for holiday. After the six months I will reassess and see if I think a) I can do a year and b) if I think it will be beneficial. Finally my promise to you I will be honest, if I fail… I will fess up, ha!

Follow my journey…

By sharing this journey with you guys through my blog and social media it also holds me accountable. You can follow me on Instagram @thepretendgrownup Failing yourself is bad but failing in front of others is the worst. Wish me luck! I will be back next week with my list of no buy rules.

Have you completed a no buy year? Any advice is welcome!

Rachael 🙂 x


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5 thoughts on “Braving a No Buy…

  1. I haven’t committed to a “no buy”, however, I have committed to being careful what I do purchase. I’ve made more of an effort to be more mindful of what I have and what I really need. It kind of goes hand in hand with recycling too. I don’t feel I have gone without. I almost have a feeling of having more by having less if that makes sense. I’m not so burdened with “stuff”. Cleaning is easier with less around too. When I do buy things I really ask myself if I need it…that helps a lot. Great post. 🙂

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