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My No Buy Rules!

So last week I talked about starting braving a no buy… if you want to know more about this you can read my original post here. It’s now time to delve more deeply into my no buy rules!

Well today we officially hit September, this marks the start of my no buy. To make this a successful mission I have had to identify a set of rules. Basically as I said before ‘no buy’ doesn’t mean buy absolutely nothing. If you are thinking of doing a no buy remember set rules that work for you. Somebody else’s might not work. Look at your life and how you can make cuts for the better, don’t make yourself totally miserable.

So here are the rules I’ve set myself…

1. No clothes shopping. At all. Guys… I don’t need more clothes. Seriously… I might lust after more but I need to appreciate the things I have already. I’ve decided I will do a blog post each month called ‘learning to love what I have’ in which I will share with you what I’ve been up to and what outfits I put together.

2. No new make up. Identify my essential make up kit and only buy replacements of those things when they run out. This will be foundation, concealer, touché eclat, mascara, blusher. I would add highlighter but I have 5 right now. Enough said. Let’s not go there about lipstick/gloss.

3. No new beauty treatments. Now then this is where a lot of my hard earned cash goes… I am a sucker for being pampered. Giving this up would make me miserable and it’s actually just a part of my routine/life. I have a facial every 3 weeks, nail appointment every 2, intimate wax every 3 weeks and a monthly massage. Yikes! I know… but I would happily add more. So no more beauty appointments beyond my regular.

4. No overbuying on every day consumables. This is things like shower gel, facial wash, bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner. I can not buy these until I have used up what I have. So for example I have a lot of shower gels right now including all the samples I’ve acquired. I love going to lush, I love shopping online for pampering at home products so this one could be challenging. Cleaning products would also come in here… but they aren’t really an issue ha ha!

5. No new books. Ahh man, I love books! But I already have so many. Yup you guessed it that’s many I’ve not read. Also I need to cancel audible as I’m just not using it these days yet I’m paying and racking up credits.

6. No new stationary. Notebooks, cute pens, jazzy post it’s, every type of journal under the sun… I have an issue with stationary… it’s just so pretty these days! so no more.

7. No homeware. Buying homeware isnt a big issue to be honest… but it could be if I’m banned from buying everything else ha ha! So on the list it goes!

What else?

Okay so apart from the obvious essential bills, grocery shopping and fuel what else have I not mentioned?

Dining out. I don’t feel this needs to go on my list as we don’t go out all that much as I work evenings. After 4 hours cheerleading on Saturdays I am goosed ha ha! We do go out obviously but not every week so I don’t feel this needs to be addressed on my no buy.

Entertainment. Again no need to be added. I love the theatre so occasionally I treat myself to going there. The odd concert, cinema and day out I enjoy but in all honestly I’m so busy with my dance school this isn’t an area of overspending concern.

Holidays. Want to really know where a lot of my money goes? Right here in this category. Do I intend to cut down? Absolutely not… life is for living and seeing the world will never be a waste of money in my eyes. I have three holidays planned next year though and will try to book no more. hmmm!

Okay so I think that pretty much completes my no buy rules torture list, ha ha! But seriously this may not look challenging to some but this will be for me. Check back in with me at the beginning of each month and I will share an update of how it’s all going. Finally I promise to be absolutely honest if I have any hiccups.

Can you think of any catergories I’ve missed? Anyone else survived a no buy? Or anyone want to join me?!

Happy September guys, make it a great one!

Rachael 🙂 x


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  1. Your rules sound pretty reasonable to me. It sounds like you want to spend where it will be bring more richness and joy in your life rather than just for stuff to accumulate.

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