0000000016 00000 n This book questions the sociocultural dimensions of remembering. 0000018581 00000 n 0000019530 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� Memory in culture / Astrid Erll ; translated by Sara B. 0000013335 00000 n Originalveröffentlichung in: Astrid Erll, Ansgar Nünning (Hg. 0000020035 00000 n 0000020375 00000 n 0000019252 00000 n Cultural Memory Studies: An Introduction. Forecasting the Future of the Memory “Industry”’, Journal of Modern History, 81:1 (2009), pp.122–158, p.147. Erll, Astrid and Ann Rigney. 0000016680 00000 n 1/2 Public Memory II / by tijdschriftframe. 0000020213 00000 n It highlights the fundamental mediatedness of memory and explores the role of media as a motor of transcultural memory. Astrid Erll, Ansgar Nünning and Sara B Young, 1–15. 1 “Transcultural memory” emerged in or around 2010 within the field of memory studies. 0000020975 00000 n “Cultural memory studies” – as defined in this handbook – came into being at the beginning of the 20th century, with the works of Maurice Halbwachs on mémoire collective. Publications include Memory in Culture (Palgrave 2011) and Cultural Memory after the Transnational Turn (Special Issue of Memory Studies 11,3 (2018). “ Cultural Memory Studies: An Introduction.” In Cultural Memory Studies. 0000012952 00000 n Articles by renowned international scholars offer readers a unique overview of the key concepts of cultural memory studies. 0000017161 00000 n It offers an overview of the history and theory of memory studies through the lens of sociology, political science, anthropology, psychology, literature, art and media studies; documenting current international and interdisciplinary memory research in an unprecedented way. ��i�o�_�V�>�'�4fJ�o�\����k�Z�ɰE��zN�\�|�-� ߏbn�x�W�W���S�(sz\f�&�)��r�NVh�'���0~�m؄6,㕘� �Ǥ|�x���>��G�7��͋��^܉}�`�U�{ߊ��g2�-< {��%�}�6l�B��p^�œT�!�e�^:��o1,x�c��(��MD�T�a���h�V�-�F�Fމ�����hu��J�Ez�E��/�^q�H�K�M�3CF���. This handbook represents the interdisciplinary and international field of "cultural memory studies" for the first time in one volume. , Cultural Memory Studies: An International and Interdisciplinary Handbook. 0000021883 00000 n Astrid Erll is professor of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures at Goethe University Frankfurt, where she also directs the Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform (FMSP: www.memorystudies-frankfurt.com). 0000005965 00000 n 0000019311 00000 n Eds. (ISBN: 9780230297456) from Amazon's Book Store. 0000019654 00000 n 0000016243 00000 n Select Your Cookie Preferences. 0000015023 00000 n Authors; Astrid Erll; Book. 0000021699 00000 n USD 19.99 Instant download; Readable on all devices; Own it forever; Local sales tax included if applicable; Buy Physical Book Learn about institutional subscriptions. 0000021116 00000 n 0000015890 00000 n Memory in Culture. This, however, requires a very sensitive handling of terminology and a careful discrimination of the specif ic disciplinary uses 199 Citations; 4 Mentions; 3.9k Downloads; Part of the Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies book series (PMMS) Log in to check access. 0000015831 00000 n 0000016302 00000 n Who was Maurice Halbwachs, and what are t . Memory in Culture addresses these and many other questions about the socio-cultural dimensions of remembering, offeringa unique overview of the history and theory of memory studies. 0000015105 00000 n O�Jx+��>��\����?��o��P�+�����,���)������;X�2x��ހ'�nb��b����6�&��X�1����4F{ |����X���dh���=�H��m����v�������o�7�����v��5^���!�fa�#�"���|�@ZwcY�+B���.����%�RJd��k��.�.��x^�tt�x]�x���G�_�:��? The handbook not only documents current research in an unprecedented way; it also serves as a forum for bringing toge 0000016029 00000 n Previos Post Next Post . ASTRID ERLL is Professor of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures at Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. ... Erll, Astrid. 0000017786 00000 n Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. 1012 0 obj <> endobj In the course of the last two decades this area of research has witnessed a veritable boom in various countries and disciplines. 0000022044 00000 n 0000002236 00000 n 0000017220 00000 n Download books PDF free. Young Medien und kulturelle Erinnerung 8/ Media and Cultural Memory 8 Berlin/New York: de Gruyter 2008 0000014357 00000 n Contemporary culture has, as Astrid Erll convincingly shows in her recent monograph Memory in Culture (2011), become increasingly preoccupied with memory in its various forms and guises, and as, for instance, responses to the Holocaust, 9/11, and other highly mediated historical events indicate, »memory discourses and practices are increasingly linked across the globe« (4). With A. Nuenning she is general editor of the series Media and Cultural Memory. 0000016484 00000 n 0000021467 00000 n An International and Interdisciplinary Handbook, Berlin, New York 2008, S. 109-118 . 0000015275 00000 n 0000018166 00000 n 0000004128 00000 n 0000017055 00000 n 3, 2011 #2011 A. Erll. Email: erll@em.uni-frankfurt.de Journal of AESTHETICS & CULTURE Vol. This is an introduction to one of the most exciting new interdisciplinary fields of research: cultural memory studies. Palgrave Macmillan, Sep 30, 2011 - Social Science - 209 pages. �_�a�;�Q�"�5h�G���G˙"��ȹ7��8Rv�h�Nǣ�������a�����!���X#��! 0000017924 00000 n 0000019713 00000 n 0000017402 00000 n Buy eBook. 0000021353 00000 n 0000012487 00000 n represent memory, and the social functions of literature and film are some of the central questions memory studies has to deal with in this area of research. 0000004287 00000 n 0000016088 00000 n In Cultural Memory Studies: An International and Interdisciplinary Handbook, eds. Memory In Culture Erll Astrid Prof.pdf memory in culture (palgrave macmillan memory studies astrid erll is professor of anglophone literatures and cultures at goethe-university, frankfurt am main, germany. 0000020094 00000 n 2008. 0000018312 00000 n 0000004417 00000 n 0000018964 00000 n (PDF) Astrid Erll Ansgar Nunning Cultural Memory Studies An International and Interdisciplinary Handbook | Dragos Georgescu - Academia.edu Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share … An International and Interdisciplinary Handbook, edited by Astrid Erll and Ansgar Nuenning, 1 – 15. 0000021175 00000 n 0000017598 00000 n Year: 2011. 0000015474 00000 n 0000020916 00000 n 0000021641 00000 n 0000005861 00000 n This chapter brings together two new strands of memory studies: media memory studies and transcultural memory studies. Erll, Astrid. 0000004833 00000 n Young Basingstoke ; New York, N.Y. : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011 E-book (Visualizza in formato Marc21) Amicus Nr.