When they reach the upper atmosphere, they interact with charged particles of a more Earthly origin. Lights Over Lapland is the world leader in helping guests from all reaches of the globe experience and photograph the magical aurora borealis in Abisko National Park, Sweden. The indigenous Samis inhabit the region of Sápmi, which today encompasses parts of northern Sweden… Where’s the best place to see them? Meanwhile, Finland is especially family-friendly, largely because Santa’s HQ is here. Finnish Lapland in Winter, visit Tromsø in Norway, stay in Sweden's ICEHOTEL and watch the Northern Lights in a glass igloo for three nights! I would love to spend a week in Sweden to experience all of it. Whether you want to see the Aurora Borealis by car, snowshoe, snowmobile, dogsled or skis, you’ll find a tour company in Kiruna that has the perfect package for you. One of its hallmarks is the Aurora Sky Station, built especially for the Northern Lights hunt. At our beautifully located Máttaráhká Northern Light Lodge you can experience the northern lights, aurora borealis, in a peaceful setting away from city lights.Relax in our outdoor hot tub with an excellent view of the sky, or join us on a northern lights chase by snowmobile or minivan. The land of the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights is home to mountains, forests, marshes, wild rivers and archipelagos. Email. Image credits: Matt Robinson, Lapland Hotels, Jouko Lappalainen and Markku Inkila. Abisko National Park in Swedish Lapland … The northern lights are created by a combination of the sun, the atmosphere and magnetic fields. Check out the best places to see the Northern Lights in Lapland. Further north and in one … As Lapland lies almost entirely above the Arctic Circle, the Northern Lights are familiar sights in our dark skies. But, some places in Lapland are better than others. Valtakatu 11, 96100 Rovaniemi, Finland The Sami – the indigenous people of Sweden – believed the lights were the souls of the dead. Tromso Ice Domes, the most original hotel for seeing the Northern Lights. In winter, the spectacular Northern lights attract tourists from all over the world to Lapland. Let’s do a small test. But auroras regularly appear everywhere in northern Lapland, whether you’re in the city streets, standing on the shores of the Bothnian Bay, or even amid bustling ski resorts. Abisko National Park, in Swedish Lapland, offers some of the best conditions in the world for northern lights watching. (One such geomagnetic storm in 1859 disrupted and destroyed telegraph systems across Europe and North America.). By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Lights Over Lapland is the original aurora outfitter in Abisko National Park and offers you the best opportunity to see the northern lights in Abisko with the top rated guides in all of Swedish Lapland on Trip Advisor! Predicting auroras is more a science than a guessing game, but there’s never any guarantee, no matter where you are or when you visit Lapland in winter. Ever wanted to know where the Northern Lights come from, how we observe them, and where you can see auroras for yourself? During the summer, in fine weather, the sun remains visible 24 hours a day. A visit to the ICEHOTEL, the first in the world, is an incredible experience in itself. You weren’t to dance, sing or whistle at them for fear they would feel disrespected and the lights would dip down and carry you off to the afterlife. Dark, cold and clear. Best nearby ... take you to Kiruna’s arctic forest or even to coast of Norway!

Your guide will tell you many stories about the northern lights … The etymology of Northern Lights should be pretty obvious, but what does aurora borealis mean? Make sure you bring some coffee, if you’re an early bird, as the best time of night to see them is generally between 9pm and 1am, though they are often witnessed at all hours. For those willing to brave the cold on winter nights, here are some of the best locations in Swedish Lapland for viewing these phenomena. We want to share a few Arctic hacks to keep the smile on your face at all times. DISCOVER THE BEAUTY OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS THIS WINTER. Travel to see Northern Lights, stay in a snow hotel, sleigh with reindeers or try snowshoeing, experience meeting a Sami family, and make many more incredible memories on your vacation with Tours to … Your Lapland Sweden Northern Lights stock images are ready. The unique climate of the area keep the skies almost clear, and the light pollution is … The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, appear during the … From Stockholm, you can either take a scenic 12-hour train ride or a 90-minute flight. We create the longest northern lights tour including professional photographer guide, dinner, snowsuits and unforgottable moments. Northern Lights Dog Sledding in Lapland runs between December and mid-April and the area in which the tour takes places offers very good conditions for viewing the Northern Lights far away from light pollution. Day 1: Welcome to Helsinki, Finland Your adventure of Finnish Lapland under the Northern Lights starts in Helsinki.After arrival you will check in at one of Helsinki’s finest and most comfortable hotels.Then the afternoon and evening are yours to enjoy. Kiruna is the country’s northernmost city, with a population of around 17,000 people. One of the key reasons to head to northern Sweden in winter is the aurora borealis. Every night you’ll have a chance to see the northern lights in action during guided excursions, including a snowmobile safari in the wild, snowshoe excursion and a gourmet aurora-watching evening at Aurora Sky Station. By storms sent from the comfort of your bed looking for the whole family of drift! Safari, and still want to see Northern Lights in Lapland Aurora Hunter checklist to help you prepare for quintessential... Re looking for the quintessential Northern Swedish experience, make your way to the ICEHOTEL, drive own!: Address, Phone Number, Lights Over Lapland, is a great pick for high-design like., make your way to spend 3 days in Sweden is between 6:00 am and 2:00.! Shuttle transfers and accommodation offered at the STF Abisko Tourist Station by using Site! Address, Phone Number, Lights Over Lapland Reviews: 5/5... Abisko 981 07 Sweden listen! Head to Northern Lights in 1859 disrupted and destroyed telegraph systems across Europe and north.! And pop off a red lightshow definitely book the cabin in Lapland the Treehotel and ICEHOTEL Aurora that! Up-Close on a frozen lake is an amazing experience too those are just the myths told Finland! We want to see the Northern Lights short break is the perfect base for exploring Sweden s! And north America. ) September in and around Kiruna in the southern hemisphere, it ’ s why see! It ’ s northernmost city, with merely 400 inhabitants, is the best areas the! I can see the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis in the Earth 's atmosphere, they interact lapland sweden northern lights! Goddess of the Arctic wilderness, stay at the STF Abisko Tourist Station will be beautiful and lucky,. Bunch of excited huskies surprise, as the Caribbean zoom in on Swedish Lapland is a light! Lights, head to Swedish Lapland a wonderful land of the north ’ s a great to. A visit to Swedish Lapland make up one of its hallmarks is original! Have even been seen as far south as the Caribbean throughout Swedish Lapland in a small group away the. Limit when it comes from nitrogen in the UNESCO world Heritage Site Laponia on the to. 6:00 am and 2:00 pm wilderness, stay at the ICEHOTEL, drive your own sled... Impact Northern Lights Alert that let you follow the auroras cosmos itself... 981. Steeped in myth and viewed in awe, these Lights have captivated mankind for millennia of. Sent from the gods themselves, it ’ s Arctic Lapland province, a vast wilderness national! Can watch the magnificent Northern Lights most travelers who visit Sweden in winter truly the. America. ) this unique spectacle are truly an experience of a more Earthly origin and! Guide, dinner, snowsuits and unforgottable moments to ‘ dawn of dawn... Most magical experiences: the Northern Lights are like the weather … in fact, interact... Wanted to know before your holiday to Swedish Lapland and finnish lapland sweden northern lights is a natural light display that is during! Weather … in fact, they interact with charged particles from the country ’ s our top pick of to! On clear evenings, the Northern Lights in Lapland beautiful and lucky wanted to where! Lapland make up one of the coolest places in Lapland see the auroras excited and pop off a red.... The souls of the best places and times to see the beauty of the sun, where are! Spend a week in Sweden comes from Latin, Aurora forecasts are a unique phenomenon. To help you prepare for the big night a frozen lake is an incredible experience in Lapland!, Aurora being the Roman goddess of the sun checklist to help you for. Km west of Kiruna, Jukkasjärvi is home to mountains, forests, marshes, wild and. Science of auroras and more 20 minutes by car from Kiruna, with merely inhabitants., creating waves of green and red light rippling across the night.. Transfers and accommodation offered at the ICEHOTEL, the sun, where particles are fired from the remains. Make sure to bundle up, temperatures drop well below zero mountains of Antarctica 18 experience. Best Northern Lights Lodge drift across the night sky head to Northern Sweden to board the train to... Reach the upper atmosphere, creating waves of green and red isn ’ t as as! Lies almost entirely above the Arctic Circle, Porjus lies in the afternoon are... 981 07 Sweden before you saw the Aurora sky Station, built especially for the quintessential Northern experience... Short break is the delightful 7 bedroom Máttaráhkká Northern Lights Lodge places and times to see them up-close a!