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Summer and Winter Wardrobe Swap

It’s that time… summer and winter wardrobe swap day! Perhaps I’m doing it slightly early as the sun is occasionally peeking from the clouds still, but after Fridays ‘I have nothing to wear meltdown’ whilst trying to get ready for a cinema visit I thought perhaps I will have something to wear if I do my swap.

Do you swap your wardrobe over?

Why on earth do I do a swap? Well, everything would fit in my wardrobe but I’m afraid it would be rather crammed in. I’m pretty sure I won’t want to wear shorts past September (incase your wondering I’m by Manchester in the UK!) Anyway, does anyone else do a summer and winter wardrobe swap?

Summer or winter fashion?

I LOVE summer clothes… I seem to buy more in this season than winter. This is probably due to holidays and wanting new outfits. I’m not exactly thrilled by winter clothes… people say ‘oh who’s ready for winter woolies, bonfire night, Christmas lights or some s*** like that… hmmm not me!! None the less I boxed off Saturday just gone to retrieve my winter attire from the loft.

Sort first, pack away later…

Before this I sorted through all things summer. Some items cross over into seasons but summery dresses, play suits, shorts, too many bikinis all were relegated to the not needed until next year pile.

Summer clothes ready to store away
Summer stuff to go away…

The most annoying thing is sometimes I hold on to items that I wasn’t keen on just because I feel bad parting with something I’ve worn once. Away they go to briefly make a wardrobe appearance next summer only to be tossed in the charity bag when they don’t make the cut again. Ugh! Does anyone else do this?

My no buy!

Now in case you missed my previous two posts, I’m actually doing a no buy. Guys… let me tell you I’m wondering what the hell I was thinking?! I’m only a week in. Yep ONE WEEK. I passionately blogged about loving a challenge blah blah only to realise this is the biggest challenge of my LIFE lol.

So it’s time to fall in love with what I have! I’m hoping given the winter stuff has been stashed away for six months I might feel like I have a new wardrobe anyway! Hmmm, who am I kidding… I hope your routing for me guys! Ha ha!

Winter jumpers hanging in my wardrobe
Hello winter woolies!

So my summer and winter wardrobe swap is officially complete. I’ve got a a few things coming up over the winter months that I’m already pondering what I’m going to wear… a trip to Edinburgh with the girls in particular. Best get outfit planning instead of shopping!

Have you indulged in some autumn inspired shopping yet? What are you loving this season? Have a browse for me ha ha!

Rachael 🙂 x

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Hello September!

Hello September! We are a week into September already! So I thought I would do a little general blog post today to check in with you guys… Did everyone have a lovely summer? I hope so.

Summer Fun!

I have been referring to mine as ‘the summer of dreams’ as I was lucky enough to go on not one but two big holidays. Oh my gosh you guys I have had the BEST summer ever! Firstly I went to Canada and then onto America. Then After a week and a half at home I jetted off again to board a mediterranean cruise. Lucky girl! But you know what they say, work hard play hard!

But this is the thing right… people say I work hard but it never really feels like work! I love this quote…

So true…

Back to Dance and Cheer

Hello September means back to my job running my dance and cheer academy this week. It’s been a intense week as everybody needs new dances choreographing (that’s 24 classes). We are prepping for competition next month in cheer and I also am launching some new classes too. Yikes! Life is busy!

Fitness Resumes

In other news post summer I am looking forward to getting back into my fitness. I’m love the gym and yoga but I’ve slacked off with being away lots. I’m certainly ready to flood my body with those feel good endorphins again! Anyone else miss fitness like crazy if they have a break?

Blogging life!

Moving on to my blog… Firstly thanks for being here. I don’t know if your following me for travel or more lifestyle type posts but the good news is I am planning on blogging twice a week moving forward. I have managed to pretty much stick to a Sunday posting schedule as research tells me it’s easier to grow a blog following if your consistent. It’s time to try to commit to another day, after all I have plenty to share.

What will I share?

You can expect to hear about my summer of dreams (I worked it out to be around 38 blog posts!) I am still trying to make eco swaps so I will update on that. Also I’m on a no buy (honestly I’m already regretting announcing this) Will I stick to it?! Who knows, ha ha! I will also be sharing more peeks into my little life, dance, cheer, fashion, fitness and more!

Welcoming September with a smile
Cheesy back to cheer pic!

So that just about concludes this Hello September post! Thanks to those following me… you’re all stars, I’m loving sharing with you all. Wishing you all a fantastic month!

Catch you soon,

Rachael 🙂 x