Developing my blog!

Hey guys!

I have decided I want to invest some money and time into developing my blog. Why? Because I am seriously loving blogging. I’ve been sticking to a posting schedule of Sunday’s and now Wednesdays too! But I missed my Sunday post last week. Let me share with you why…

Moving my blog

Listen I’m a newbie in terms of the blogging world so I’m massively learning still. After some digging I have learnt that it’s better for me to move my blog from to .org and self host it. This gives me much more freedom with my site.

New site!

Developing my blog includes instructing someone to build my new blog site for me. Why? Because this is not my forte… I don’t cut on own hair do I? Nor would I try to fix my own car… you get my drift. Could I build my own blog site? I probably could if I researched it but time is precious and I know I won’t enjoy this aspect so outsourcing is the way to go for me.

It’s a learning curve…

I’ve learned so much since I started my blog but I have a long way to go. The addition of Yoast earlier this year helped me to understand the SEO side better. I had a little dabble with creating pins for one of two posts but then didn’t follow through, I need to get with the whole Pinterest thing. I have a Facebook page for it that I’ve literally just shared my blog posts on so I would like to overhaul that too and develop it more. I’ve learned now that I’ve not categorised well so on my new site that will be better and easier to navigate… which brings me to my next point…

Finding my blog niche

I will let you into a secret, when choosing the name (The Pretend Grown Up) it was going to be a more parenting based blog. Basically how I don’t really feel grown up and winging the whole parenting thing ha ha! But then I wasn’t really feeling that and struggling to write. If I’ve learned one thing it is if your writing about the right thing it won’t be a struggle. The words will just flow…


Lots of travel and a love of travel has enabled me to pick this as my niche topic now. I’m conscious of my name so I must not get bogged down in facts and treat it more like a travel diary. I personally love these and find it interesting and fun when people share their experiences rather than ‘10 must do things in Rome’ not saying I don’t find these informative but I don’t think they fit my vibe.

What else?

Well I’ve been thinking carefully what else I could write about as The Pretend Grown Up that’s true to me and a good fit (by the way if your wondering why it says lifestyle, travel, adventure at the top of my site I recently changed that temporarily so my site would come up more when people search these words) So I have come up with the following catergories…

1. Style – I love casual fashion most being a fitness addict and dance teacher but expect insights into what I’ve been wearing and loving. Since I was little I have enjoyed putting looks together. I’m your average girl when it comes to shopping… I like to splurge but rarely have the funds (I spend it all on travel!) so you won’t be finding me gushing about £600 shoes! Yep this will be affordable fun looks.

2. Disney – it’s not secret I love Disney… I try to play it down but it consumes my thoughts a lot of the time! Ha ha! So from holiday updates (I’m going to California one next year!), to my opinions on all things Disney and finding you the best Disney merchandise will be share here!

3. Wellbeing – this is a big one for me. I will forever want to look good for my age and feel great. I’m trying to avoid ageing as naturally as possible and love skincare, facials are my jam. Fitness has always been a big part of my life having a dance school and as a regular gym goer I should be able to share some fitness related insights here. Improving your mental wellbeing sparks my interest so I will be exploring such topics.

4. Lifestyle – Doesn’t lifestyle just cover all the topics you kind of think I’m not sure where to put that ha ha! Here you will get a little peak into what I’ve been up to. Things like my no buy would come under this category.

So why my site moves over I will be taking a slight blogging break… it should be done in the next week though! Guys, I’m so excited. Thank you for following me this far! I can’t wait for my next blogging chapter. If anyone has any tips or things they want to share reference developing my blog please feel free to share!

Just one last thing… I wanted to unveil my new logo! I’m so pleased with it… what do you think?!

The Pretend Grown Up blog  logo

Rachael 🙂 x

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  1. Yes, self-hosting gives you a lot more control over your site.After the demise of VirtualTourist I opted for WordPress self-hosting, and I still think it was a very good decision.

  2. I LOVE the logo and am so impressed with your planning ability too! I look forward to following your adventures! How exciting! Massive good luck with this! ???xxx

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