Five Face Masks I Can’t Live Without!

Today I am excited to share with you the five face masks I can’t live without!

Pampering at home is legit my favourite past time. The salon and the spa have their place sure but there’s something quite blissful about self-care at home in your own space wearing your comfiest ever loungewear. It has been a while since my last post the lockdown life… like you all I am navigating my way through the weirdest year ever! But I am happy to be back today to share something of value with you.

I get asked about my skincare a lot which is totally flattering because let me tell you, I have not always had great skin. My teens and even up until my 30’s I suffered from bad breakouts. These days whilst I do still get the odd break out I mostly have my skin under control. Could it be my age? or could it be the fact I learned so much more about skincare? I would argue it is both.

Five face masks I love


Glowing skin post pamper!

So… five face masks I can’t live without? First off let me tell you this isn’t some thrown together list of the ones in my drawer… I have tried many face masks but these five are the ones I truly adore, the ones I think make a difference to my skin. I’m so happy to share them with you today…


The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask

Lets start with this refreshing gel mask. It promises to replenish your skin and give it a smooth, youthful dewy appearance. Infused with real rose petals, rose essence and rosehip oil. Sounds dreamy?

Why I love it!

Unsurprisingly the smell… oh my… it smells DIVINE. This is the mask you want for your at home pamper session. Put it on with your fingers or a brush, place some cucumber on your eyes, pop on a some ocean waves music and lie back. It is heaven… You can almost convince yourself you are at the spa. But what does it do? It is, as promised a moisturising mask and leaves you with a nice glow. Plumping?… yes, maybe a little bit.

Main reason it made the list – The smell… I can convince myself I’m at the spa!


Lush Mask of Magnaminty

A peppermint mask (yes its green!) claiming to fight eruptions and break outs and return your skin to tip top condition. It also claims deep cleansing exfoliation.

Why I love it?

It does exactly what it promises… has your skin broken out? then this is your best friend. I love Lush face masks and lets face it they have quite a few to indulge in. What I love about this one though is unlike others it lasts… yep, it has a self preserving formula. This little beauty has around a four month use by date window. I use this on my whole face (around the time of the month!) and it keeps those pesky spots at bay. I Love that it is exfoliating too, so when you wash it off you can give your skin a little scrub! Its great to just apply to just a small area too if you wake up and ‘oh hello there mr spot!’ Seriously… it is must have for eveyone!

Main reason it made the list – Simple! It gets rid of/calms spots!


Saint Iris Adriatica Purity Paste

This company found me through Instagram and gifted me this mask. But unlike a lot of companies they wanted nothing in return… wait what?! No wonder… this beauty speaks for itself. It is a 3 minute warming mask with Mediterranean cedar and willow bark, seaweed protein and wild cherry kerenel extracts.

Why I love it!

Ohhhh where to start?! Okay… first off it comes with the most gorgeous brush to apply it. You open the jar and it smells so wonderfully fresh! I love painting on this mask… it feels like pure luxury. Only 3 minutes to do its magic and you get a lovely warm sensation, wash it off to reveal a natural healthy glow! What’s more, you can actually use it elsewhere… I have found it great to use on hands too. I am seriously hooked for life…


Luxury facemasks


Clarins SOS Comfort Mask Balm

Now I have actually talked about this before in my skincare favourites. See… it made that list too! Formulated with wild mango butter, it claims to sooth dry skin and leave it supple and brightened.

Why I love it!

Go to bed with this mask on and wake up with silky smooth skin. Moisturising heaven in a tube! It smells pretty nice too so no fear of your partner complaining haha! It actually tells you on the tube to wash it off after 10 minutes but I always wear it overnight. Wash your face just with warm water in the morning and volia! Trust me… your skin will feel and look AMAZING!

Main reason it made the list – makes your skin as soft as a babies bum!

Why it made the list – Feels totally luxurious, its quick and skin brightening.


Eve Lom Face and Neck Sheet Mask

Last but certainly not least… please take centre stage Eve Lom. Infused with liposome encapsulated retinol, this gentle and safe vitamin A derivative reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst restoring firmness. Pretty bold statement, right?

Why I love it!

OH MY GOD… I kid you not this does exactly as it says. I was kindly given this as a gift off a friend, I hadn’t actually heard of the brand but she said her friend raved about it. Whilst I have tried sheet masks I have not been a massive fan (I either have a small head or everyone else’s is huge!! okay, don’t laugh, they drown me!) I tried this for the first time and left it on around 20 minutes (you can leave it up to 30) took it off and massaged in the excess product. My skin looked good, dewy, slightly plumped. The next day when I woke up I was like ‘holy s*** my face!’ in a good way of course! My skin looked INCREDIBLE! Were talking fine lines minimised, smooth, plumped and brighter…. just wow! I can’t wait to try other products from this brand.

The world is still a little crazy right now… so don’t forget to take some time out to spoil yourself. A good pamper can not only do wonders for your body but also for your mental wellbeing. I am a big believer in the saying ‘look good, feel good!’ Anyway… there we have it! Five face masks I can’t live without…

Let me know if there are any you can’t live without? I would love to try your recommendations too!

If you enjoyed this you may also like to read about my vampire facial!

Catch you soon,

Rachael 🙂

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