Goal Setting Tips to Help You Level up in 2020!

Goal setting tips to help you level up in 2020… I’ve got your attention right?! I mean who doesn’t want to level up?! Maybe another year has passed and you are feeling slightly deflated at your progress the past year. Maybe you are still in a job you hate? Maybe you didn’t travel as much as you would like or maybe you just didn’t get round to learning that new skill you talked about? We have all been there… trust me! As the year draws to a close you naturally start to reflect so it is the perfect time to read these goal setting tips to help you level up in 2020!

But first… why should you listen to me? Well, I’ve always loved setting goals and I have learnt along the way. You won’t find some regurgitated BS here… I will share with you where I have failed and what I have found to work best!

Goal setting tips! Level up in 2020!

I don’t have any goals, I don’t know what I want?!

STOP… Everyone has hopes and dreams. Maybe you don’t want to admit them to yourself as you are scared they are unattainable? Rule number 1. goal setting should not be limited! Why? because no matter how big the goal it can be broken down into achieveble action steps (more about that later) So nows the time to dig deep… what do you really want? to pay off your mortgage early? is it to spend more time with your family? maybe you are lusting after a new car? Perhaps you always wanted to learn to surf?! or do you want to learn how to make the perfect mojito! It doesn’t matter what it is big or small, put it down.

What’s your why?

Why do you want to achieve this goal and how will you feel once you achieve it. Maybe it is just for pleasure so you will feel happy. Perhaps it will give you the financial freedom you seek so you will feel less stressed. If it is committing to learning a new skill, will you feel more knowledgeable? maybe it is fitness related so you become more confident. Getting clear on your why will definitely help. Instead of saying oh I want to lose weight… say I want to lose weight so I can run around with my kids better. Giving yourself the why gives more substance to your goal and in my opinion, motivates you more to achieve it.

Believe in yourself

Okay so it is not always easy to believe in yourself but as a big believer in the law of attraction, I think it is important. It is no good setting these goals and then having a negative attitude about it. You need to think this in your head ‘I’ve totally got this, I’m taking actionable steps, I will achieve my goal.’ in fact make this your mantra! When you catch yourself slipping into self-doubt say this line! (literally just came up with that as I was typing! I can’t wait to follow my own advice here!) I have always been confident that I can achieve what want. Sometimes it takes longer than I anticipated but I know I will get there in the end… This is the mindset you need. It WILL happen!

Write them down

Top of the goal setting tips – hopefully, this is a no brainer but you must write them down! I find it easier to categorise mine – you can read my post from last year about that here. Whether you write them in a planner, on your laptop, or even on your phone get those goals down visually. I personally like to make a pretty picture that I then keep in the front of my diary.

Some say make them measurable, I say ELABORATE

This is where I totally fell down last year… let me give you an example. I wrote to read more often… that’s it! this is not great goal setting (facepalm!) Have I read more this year? no! haha! (unless that includes other people’s blogs!) If I had elaborated on this goal it would have been so much more achievable – actionable steps are needed. So back on my list it goes… but ELABORATED on – I will aim to read 2 books a month, one non-fiction and one fiction. Furthermore, I have also started a list of books that I am interested in or people have recommended. As far as goal setting tips go elaborating is majorly important.

Goals need a deadline!

You must set deadlines for your goals. Where you can schedule things in advance. On my goal list last year was to skydive so I booked it in as soon as I could. Guess what else was on my list?! Do a sealion trainer day haha! (admittedly not a goal many will aspire to but I love animals!) Did I do it? No! I didn’t schedule it in that’s why! For your larger goals schedule the achievable steps into your planner or diary that will help you to get to that end goal. To give a simple example… go on holiday to Africa might have actionable steps such as research prices, save a set amount of money each month, start looking into flights and hotels, book time off work, book holiday!

Checking in with your goals

So January you are all fired up and like ‘yeah I’ve got this’ then in roles February and the humdrum of everyday life is getting you down, you lose your mojo and suddenly goals are the last thing on your mind. You MUST check-in with your goals!! are you making progress? does anything need adapting? I look at mine every month but actually review them for my blog every three. But holding my hands up here guys… I missed my October review! You can read March and July’s if you want to see how I hold myself accountable.

Goals can be adapted!

Do not beat yourself up if you want to adapt a goal. No this does not mean you can justify cancelling stuff off your list (because you’ve not done it!) but it is okay to look at them and think that is not really working for me. I did it this year with setting up a YouTube channel. This was on my list but I wasn’t even using Instagram stories! Plus I have a lot of commitments already (I’m still getting to grips with the world of blogging!) so a YouTube channel felt like a step too far.

I changed this goal to start using stories and I even did a couple of Instagram TV vids for my business. When setting goals sometimes it helps to think what would be a simpler version of this? would that be better first? At the time YouTube didn’t seem like too big an ask but when reviewing I realised it was. So goal adapted!


Acknowledge how far you have come

Don’t forget to stop on your path and acknowledge how far you have come. It is great to be ambitious but you must recognise and praise yourself for the small victories along the way. Heck, maybe even treat yourself! It is this recognition that will keep you positive and propelling you forward.


Let’s take a look at my 2019 goals…

Goals I aced!

  • Develop my blog – really applied myself to this with my new website and learning SEO amongst other things.
  • Win a cheer comp! – My cheer teams totally smashed this for me in October.
  • Go to 3 places I’ve never been before – lost count of how many I went!
  • Stay out of debt – resisted the urge to get a new credit card… go me!
  • Start saving a pension – invested a good amount, better late than never!
  • Be more mindful – definitely made progress with this one in a few ways. When eating doing just that instead of always being on the go was one of them!

Goals going back on my list!

  • Stick to a good morning routine – it has improved but I have a way to go!
  • Smoothie a day – started well, lost my way especially in winter months – better planning/prep needed
  • Meditate every day – very sporadic! top of my goal list for next year!
  • Gratitude journal – filled in a handful of times… whoops!
  • Spend more time with family – busy girl… but it is no excuse!
  • Reading goal, sea lion trainer day to be added again too haha!


New goals I’m exploring for 2020

  • More specific blogging goals
  • Take a watercolour painting class
  • Move house!
  • Travel to 5 new places


Final thoughts on goal setting tips for 2020…

So that pretty much concludes my goal setting tips to help you level up in 2020. Don’t let another year pass by in which the words tumble out of your mouth in December I wish I had… you want the words to be I’m glad I did!

Happy goal setting! May 2020 be your year! Let me know if you have any more tips? or if you found these useful?

Rachael 🙂 X

P.S You can find some great goal setting printables on Etsy

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