developer's or website, the use of your client ID is restricted to a list of URLs that you Google Maps Geolocation API helps you to find the exact location of your customer. I’m sure it’s something simple but I am missing something. If you're using a web hosting service such as Squarespace or Wix, they might generate a sitemap for you, in which case you don't need to use sitemaps or this report. Point your browser to the application that is unable to load the Maps API Shopify Discussion. Find one like: The URL in that line is the one that needs to be authorized to use your By our investigations, it seems to be a Google internal issue, which occurs intermittently (without any change in your code), and that disappears spontaneously after a while. Community Browser. An application that lives at a URL that has not been authorized depending on how the application is set up to load the API. See API keys. needs to be authorized: To be sure that the whole application will be able to load the Google Maps Platform APIs is generated dynamically on the server and then sent down to the following the rules explained in the freely available to capture HTTP headers in all major browsers: Note: You need to tweak Fiddler2 in order to Questions: I’m using Google Maps in my project. try capturing HTTP traffic using a network protocol analyzer like The correct way to solve this is to find and authorize the right URLs to use December 2011. HTTP request headers follow immediately after that line, with no line tutorials on the web if you are not familiar with it. Check the browser console for the Google Maps JavaScript API error: RefererNotAllowedMapError Underneath the error it should have: "Your site URL to be authorized:". whole domain unless your organization has full control over all of that match all URLs your application uses. Google Cloud Support Team Enable Google Maps Platform. This page is only for customers with a previous Maps APIs for Work or Maps API for Business license.This page is not applicable to customers with the new Google Maps Platform Premium Plan, which became available in January 2016.. Each API requests, you first need to capture them from your browser. domain's content. be able to use features that depend on the Maps JavaScript API. If you … administer them. With this API you can plot places on a map. It works OK on FireFox from 3 out of four of the machines I have tested. If you are unable to capture HTTP headers directly from the browser, you can authorized, you will receive an error message. the owner of this application, you can learn more about registering using your client ID, you need to find a common pattern across all the URLs Google has disabled use of the Maps API for this application. If you try to use your client ID at a URL that has not been This is often as simple as one directory (e.g. developer's Authentication to the Maps JavaScript API for Google Maps APIs for Work customers requires a unique client ID in combination with URL registration. your client ID. instead. Shopify Community. When dealing with complex applications, you may need to repeat the steps What about it, then? The new API key is listed on the Credentials page under API keys. will not authorize or any client ID. This means you will not be entitled to: This means that applications that are internal-only or non-free and do not See API keys in the Google Cloud Console. I recently read that from Jun 11th 2018 it will be mandatory to include Google Map API key while calling maps APIs to load a Google Map. For more information, see API Key best practices.