Let’s Talk Disney! – January Edit

Welcome to Let’s Talk Disney – January Edit! What is it? Well, when I rebranded my blog I decided to add a Disney Category because I absolutely love everything Disney! Now living near Manchester in the UK doesn’t afford me the luxury of being an annual pass holder, boo hoo! That said I have managed to get myself to Disney quite a few times over the years. You can read my top tips for Disneyland Paris here. Don’t know what to wear for your trip? my what to wear to Disney post will be sure to help you out! If you read my 20 reasons you should book a Disney cruise I guarantee you will be adding it to your bucket list!

Anyway… back to the point of this post! So seeing as I am not permanently camped out in the Magic Kingdom but I love to talk Disney lots I thought it would be nice to do a monthly post about anything and everything Disney related. Think Disney hauls, outfits, thoughts on movies, Disney tips and more. So kicking off my let’s talk Disney – January edit post I want to share with you Disney things I received over the festive period (and yes one or two I bought myself!) I so love seeing what other Disney treasures fellow fans find so I hope you enjoy this!

Mickey Trainers!

Talk about a bargain… I picked these up in Primark and they should have been £15 I think but when I got to the till they were £3! I don’t think they will be the comfiest but you can’t argue for that price!

Star Wars and Toy Story Tees

Whilst doing a bit of sale shopping I obviously popped in the Disney Store where I was delighted to pick up a Evil Dr Pork Chop Tee for my son and it was only £3! The Disney store have lots of sale items right now so be sure to have a nosey. Full price though I couldn’t resist this Star Wars Rise of Skywalker tee from Pull & Bear for £15.99. I find Star Wars apparel to rarely be girly but the pink writing on this one makes it just that.

Mouseketeers Pin

Absolutely loved this as soon as I saw it! I mean who didn’t want to be a Mouseketeer?! I’m not an avid pin collector but I pick up ones I love whilst in the park as pin trading is so much fun! Another one for the collection here and bonus; picked up at the Disney store sale too.

Disney pin

Disney Drink Bottle

A gift from one of the lovely children I teach I love this water bottle! I have been using it loads already and as it has a straw I swear I am drinking more water. Drink, sleep. Disney, repeat… about right! LOL

Disney Water Bottle

Disney Snow Globe

Another lovely gift this Minnie and Mickey snow globe is so cute! It will be sure to come out on display every December. Did I tell you I collect Disney tree ornaments too?

Disney Snow Globe

Donald and Mickey Tree Ornaments

Two more for my ever-growing collection. My sister bought me Donald and he is actually double-sided, how cool is that?! The Mickey Mouse Club one actually sings… you will know the tune… ‘who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me… M I C K E Y… yep, you just sang that didn’t you?! haha!

Mary Poppins Umbrella

A gift from my mum and one of my favourites this Christmas! I mean who doesn’t want a Mary Poppins umbrella? It even says on it ‘practically perfect in every way’ when open. A gift I will treasure for years to come!

Mary Poppins Umbrella

Aladdin Money Box

My son treated me to this whilst out in Tesco with his Nana, so cute! It won’t hold much money but is made out of ceramic and is just gorgeous.

Aladdin Lamp Money Box

Cheese Plates

OMG Disney themed cheese plates… what an amazing gift!! My step mum is an air hostess and picks up some amazing treasures from her travels. I LOVE cheese haha! and Disney obviously… winning!!

Mickey Cheese Plates

Washbag and Print

Last but certainly not least just look at these from the very talented made by Leah! Did you ever see such adorable illustrations of the Disney Princesses? I found her through Instagram and you can find her here! This wash bag and print made it’s way straight into my heart as soon as I saw them.

Princess washbag and print

A few other Disney things made there way to me at Christmas including some pyjamas, an up themed towel and a new charm for my pandora bracelet. Just a little thank you to everyone who purchased Disney gifts for me… you know me so well!

So that’s it for my let’s talk Disney – January edit post. I will be back with another Disney themed post in February! Let me know if you enjoyed this and if you too received Disney gifts at Christmas do share in the comments!

Rachael 🙂 x

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