Moraine Lake in Summer

Visiting Moraine Lake in summer might be on your bucket list but it is also on everyone else’s! Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies sees millions of tourists flock to it in the summer season to admire the turquoise blue lakes in all there glory. Maybe your wondering whether to go? maybe you’ve already booked? Whichever it is trust that I have got you covered. This post will give you all the tips you need to have a perfect visit to Lake Moraine in Summer.

Canoes on the lake

Getting to Moraine Lake in summer

Getting to Moraine lake in summer in a car can be tricky. Why? because they shut the road as soon as the parking is full and the car park is not that big. If you do wish to drive there then you are going to need to get there early. I mean super early, we’re talking no later than 4:45am! My advice, maybe save yourself the hassle and pay for a shuttle. We were staying at Lake Louise Inn and they offered regular shuttles to and from the lake. This was a stress-free relatively cheap way of getting there (sorry I can’t remember the exact price but it was definitely worth it)

If you are visiting Lake Louise in the same day it is also an option to take a free shuttle from there to Moraine Lake but we were lead to believe lines get awfully long so decided this was not for us. (patience is not my virtue!)

What time should you go?

Now I am sure Moraine lake at sunrise or sunset is just magical! So if your an early riser maybe sunrise is a good option for you. We personally were too tired from travelling and our Vancouver adventures in Stanley Park and at Capilano Suspension Bridge. But what I will tell you is do not stress out that it is going to be ridiculously busy outside of these times. We visited twice around mid-morning and took fantastic photos like this one below.

The beautiful Canadian Rockies

As soon as you clap eyes on Moraine lake the colour of the water will literally take your breath away… nothing could have prepared me for such natural beauty. You’ve seen the photos (they are not filtered… yes really!) but just wait until you see it with your own eyes. Lake Moraine is such a magnificent colour blue due to being glacier-fed and carrying rock flour. This rock flour actually stays suspended in the water as it is so very light! The sun reflects off these particles giving it that famous azure blue colour.

Hike to the top of the rock pile…

For a more elevated view if you turn off to the left from the car park you can take the path up the rock pile. It is an easy climb, I actually saw people do it wearing sandals! at only 0.4km long you will be up there fairly quickly. There is another trail veering off to the left that is 2.9km long that takes you to Consolation lakes. We didn’t take this but I’m sure its worth it if you have the extra time. Everything is well signposted in the area so don’t worry about getting lost or missing things.

Walking down the Rock Pile

Walking back down the rock pile…

TIP: Don’t forget to pack your bear spray if you’re venturing off on the longer trails. Summer is berry season and bears just love to eat berries! You will be fine where there are lots of people about but if you plan to hike further bear spray is recommended,

How to get the best photos!

Even with people there, it is not impossible to get good photos. Everybody was pretty courteous respecting each others need for the perfect shot. After a brief hike up the rock pile, we actually scrambled down a little bit towards the lakeshore to get some extra photos. I’m not sure if this is recommended but as long as you have good shoes on and watch your footing it was easy enough.

Scramble down for better photos at Lake Moraine

Don’t forget to just sit and admire its beauty…

We actually went to Moraine Lake twice. Why? because once was simply just not enough. We knew it would be amazing but not as amazing as it was. The first time we were admiring it and taking photos etc. The second time we spent some time just sat there… I felt like I was looking at a painting… surely I must be dreaming?! The photo below we will be putting up somewhere special in our home (when we move) to forever remind us of the peace and tranquillity we felt at magical Moraine lake.

Canoeing on Moraine Lake in summer

So we had initially intended to canoe on Lake Louise… now don’t get me wrong… Lake Louise is stunning in its own right but it was Moraine that stole our hearts. So part of the reason we headed back again was to canoe there and it did not disappoint. You can find up to date canoe rental information here. It is pretty pricey but oh so worth it! We spent an hour doing this activity… could I have spent longer? for sure. An hour is enough but if I ever go again I think I would take a picnic and spend two to really take it all in.

I wonder whether any other place I visit in the future will have the impact on me that Moraine lake has. There are not many days I have not thought about its beauty since coming home… our world is full of so many wonderful places to be explored! and I for one am still just beginning my adventures…

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Rachael 🙂 x

Moraine Lake

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