Motivated Morning Routine

A motivated morning routine sets you up for the day, right? Or are you reading this because you actually are so far from being motivated in the morning its a joke?! Don’t worry guys, I’ve been there… and truth be known I’m still there some days! However I have made good progress with it and I can confirm on the days I do successfully implement my motivated morning routine that my day, in general, goes that little bit better.

Motivated Morning Routine


Key Benefits of Following a Morning Routine

  • It teaches you self discipline – which in turn encourages you to be more disciplined in other areas of life.
  • It reduces stress – you know what happens, no routine and you procrastinate your morning away which leaves you short of time and stressed flying out the door forgetting something!
  • You’re on time – Yes this is a big benefit, your not late for work mumbling how awful the traffic was when everyone else seemed to make it in on time!
  • You make healthier choices – If you have actually scheduled breakfast you are less likely to grab that sugar-laden cereal bar as you leave the door.
  • Your more energized – Stretching and exercise has awakened your body
  • You have a better mindset – helped by the affirmations and meditation

But the best thing I have found is…

YOU HAVE MORE ZEST FOR LIFE!… You can give that little bit more because guess what? You did YOU first! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to leave the house and already have accomplished all these things?

I briefly touched on some of the things I do in my morning routine in my post about healthy habits but as that was so well received I thought I would expand on that and let you into how I spend my time in the mornings (most days!)


7:00am – Rise and Shine

I don’t snooze the alarm… this is the worst thing ever for a morning routine! I am actually lucky that I am what some would deem a ‘morning person’ (unless the house is cold, then I’m a nightmare!) So 7am up I get, no delay, hello new day! I also drink a big glass of water as soon as I am up.


7:00-7:10 – Hot Water/Lemon, Affirmations

I swear by hot water and lemon in the morning, it is really refreshing and good for you. Affirmations are a must, so you get in a positive mindset for the day ahead!


7:10-7:20 – Morning Stretch or Yoga

I love this part of my motivated morning routine. It feels so good to stretch and really wake up my body. I tend to do a yoga based routine to some nice nature sounds or calming music. If you need some inspiration YouTube is definitely the place to turn for this.


7:20-7:30 – Meditation

This is getting easier and I am actually starting to look forward to doing it. I use the insight timer app which you can download for free. I think guided ones are much easier to do than just a music based meditation or complete silence but see what works for you.


7:30-7:50 – Getting Ready

I have a relatively short time to get ready as I shower the night before (I teach dance in the evenings so a shower is a must when I get in) I cleanse and moisturise my face, pull on some gym wear and tie my hair back. I brush my teeth last (note that this time is 50 minutes from when I consumed the hot water and lemon because acidic fruit can wear down enamel!)


7:50 – 8:00 – To-Do List Review

I like to write this the night before, it helps me to sleep better knowing my next day has direction. The next morning I review it and make any changes necessary.


8:00 – 9:00 – Workout

I’m somewhat of an avid gym-goer so I then head out to get a dose of feel-good endorphins. Some mornings I train with weights and a few others I do a yoga class. Not got the time? do something at home… just get that body moving!


9:00-9:15 – Breakfast

Whether you prefer this before or after your workout a healthy breakfast will help you to focus in my opinion. It is no good feeling hungry!


9:15am – Working Day Begins

This is when I like to officially enter work mode. I work for myself and you know what that makes it twice as hard to be motivated. The level of self-discipline I need to encompass is high. I have no boss breathing down my neck (thankfully!) but that means I am responsible for me and my productivity.


What fundamental thing do I NOT do in this routine?

Go on… I will give you a minute to think…

I do not go on my phone! I can tell you right now… the minute I give attention to that thing, BOOM! bye, bye motivated morning. My attention is pulled from doing me to doing everyone else. Texts, WhatsApps, emails, social media notifications… you know the drill! It happens… sometimes I make this mistake and it derails my mornings which I later scold myself for.


Will This Work For You?

Okay so this is my morning routine, set to my times, but it can work for you too. You will maybe need to adjust the times, especially if you shower etc in the morning. The workout part can definitely be condensed down to a quick 30 minutes which would allow you the extra time to get ready maybe? The point is… it’s adaptable, make it work for you. Perhaps it will require you to get up earlier, but it’s worth making that change! The hardest thing to do is breaking old habits and creating new ones… but stick with it. It will transform not just your mornings but your attitude and mindset for the day!


What else could I add?

Some people like to read in the morning, some people like to journal. I personally would like to add a 15 minute reading session to this routine, that is now my goal. I save the journaling for the end of my day.

So, how does my morning routine compare to yours? I would love to know in the comments! or if I have inspired you with this motivated morning routine, do let me know…

Here’s to better mornings guys!

Rachael 🙂 x

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4 Responses

    1. Routine is good I think if you want to be productive. Swimming is agreat thing to have in your routine! I should really swim more but the gym is more my thing 🙂 x

    2. Routine is good I think if you want to be productive. Swimming is a great thing to have in your routine! I should really swim more but the gym is more my thing 🙂 x

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