Oh Vancouver…

Oh Vancouver… you weren’t on my list but you absolutely should have been. My first time in Canada and you were where we landed to begin our adventure. You see Canada was way down my travel list I’m ashamed to say. My other half had it at the top of his list so that’s how come I found myself there.

This coastal cosmopolitan city in western Canada did not disappoint. I’m not a massive city lover… I mean don’t get me wrong, I loved Rome for its architecture, New York for simply being New York but what was there to love about Vancouver? Everything.

Vancouver sky line
View of Vancouver from Stanley Park

It’s sooo clean!

It is not often I say this about a city but I found I found Vancouver to be so clean. We actually stayed in the downtown area on Granville street which was probably the least clean area but still it was clean as far as city’s go. Wandering around in the sunshine, between the gleaming buildings and litter free streets was just lovely.

Walking around Vancouver
Clean streets in Vancouver

The Canadians are so nice!

In Vancouver I had my first interactions with the Canadians and let me tell you they were so polite and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble for them from the hotel staff bus drivers, even to people in the street who we stopped to ask directions. They were all so nice! I officially love Canadians ha ha!

Granville Island testing glass pens
Testing handmade glass pens on Granville Island

It’s all about the food!

Vancouver has no shortage of great places to eat. It is actually known for its seafood predominantly and we passed plenty of sushi restaurants. We enjoyed a meal in Black and Blue steak house which had a lovely ambient setting, impeccable service and a fantastic selection of steaks on the menu. Staying somewhere you can cook for yourself? No problem! Granville Island is the place to shop for all things food or even just go for a browse and indulge whilst there.

Yummy cakes, Granville Island

Just look at the scenery…

Vancouver really has it all when it comes to scenery. Stunning mountain ranges, pretty parks, the sea, harbours and beaches. It’s found itself listed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world in many publications and it’s easy to see why.

Canada Place Vancouver
Canada place Vancouver

It’s the great outdoors

Vancouver has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor pursuits. Visit in winter and you can enjoy skiing and snow sports. Summer hiking is popular along with camping and water sports are on offer. Not forgetting biking! Did you know Vancouver has more than 279 miles of bike routes. We loved our time riding around Stanley Park.

Riding bikes in Stanley Park
Bike riding in Stanley Park

Oh Vancouver!

I only spent 3 days visiting you but I would of happily stayed a week! I would of loved to explore more of the city and soaked up its vibe. Our itinerary was jam packed as to get the most out of our time so we didn’t really have much down time. On the plus side I have a few more detailed Vancouver posts coming up so stay tuned!

Vancouver… you were my first taste of Canada and what a fantastic place to start. I will be back at some point to see more of you for sure! Thanks for the memories.

Kayakers by Granville Island
Vancouver lookout
Granville Island
Vancouver towards coal harbour

Have you visited Vancouver? Do you think it’s worthy of it’s beautiful city title? I think it’s safe to say I think it is.

Rachael 🙂 x

Check out Black and Blue Steak House and book a table here.

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15 Responses

  1. We love Vancouver too! We often stay somewhere with a kitchenette so that we can bring back dinner from the Granville Island Public Market.

  2. Wow I really need to add Vancouver on my bucket list! I visited Toronto and Montreal this summer and I felt in love with Canada. And Canadians are so nice and polite! Thanks for sharing dear ♥️

  3. Warrington wolves are playing in Canada next July 2020. However this is in Toronto lots of fans going from warrington.

    1. Toronto is supposed to be really nice too. It is definitely on my list! My first impressions of Canada have made me want to return x

    1. Thank you ? I love sharing information to help people. Vancouver is a wonderful place! this post was easy to write x

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