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Delicious smoothies the easy way… I’ve got your attention right?! If your anything like me then a smoothie consists of some frozen fruit, a banana and some orange juice! I rarely think outside the box because let’s face it… I’m a busy girl! That said I am health conscious and one of the 12 healthy habits I’ve endeavoured to adopted is a smoothie a day. Yes, that’s right… I mean what better way to boost your fruit and veg intake. So you can imagine my delight when The Honestly Good Smoothie Company reached out to me to review their delivered smoothie kits.


Smoothies made easy with The Honestly Good Smoothie Company


Who are the Honestly Good Smoothie Company?

You can go read their full story on the website but I can tell you now, this company is passionate about what they do. Running the business from their home in Bedfordshire this mother and son team ensure only the best organic ingredients are selected and lovingly packaged off to you. What’s more, they reuse or recycle 100% of the packaging… so not only providing smoothies the easy way, also planet conscious too. Win, win!


What Comes in the Box?!

Arriving promptly on a Saturday morning as promised the smoothie kits arrived in a box, wrapped in wool and kept frozen by dry ice. If you are out and unable to take delivery? not to worry! They will keep for that day until you return if left in a safe place. Inside the box were five smoothie kits and a cute mason glass and straw (Please note: I’m unsure whether this was just an extra they put in for me)


Which Flavour Smoothies?

The Cacaonut One – Organic banana, sweet potato, Courgette & Cacao Nibs, Pumpkin Seeds and Himalayan salt.

Good Morning Sunshine – Organic banana, strawberry, jumbo oats, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and almonds.

The Fitness Fuel One – Organic banana, apple and cannellini beans, dates, hemp seeds, peanuts, tofu and lucuma.

Cheer Me Up – Organic pineapple, apple, acai berry, cucumber, hemp seeds, dates, oats and pumpkin seeds.

The Almond Tart One – Organic pear, butternut squash, apple, avocado, prunes, almonds and cinnamon.


The Honestly Good Smoothie Company Smoothie Kit


I’m loving the ingredients!

Now you can tell that these ingredients have been carefully chosen… cacao nibs, never bought them in my life! Lucuma? I didn’t have to google that… honest, haha! (to save you googling it is a Peruvian fruit!) One of the best things about this is, yes, you can throw together your own smoothie but will it really have such select ingredients? The above are just a selection I was sent to try. There are several more on the website for you to choose and then customise future boxes according to what your tastes.


Smoothies the Easy Way

Hallelujah, that’s the hard bit taken away! Deciding what to have in your smoothie – done! no faffing around chopping stuff, no repeating the same smoothie because you forgot to get the ingredients or your creativity is spent elsewhere! (this is me!) So now just add the liquid and blend… what liquid? well, The Honestly Good Smoothie Company have thought of that too… on the back of the pack is the chef’s recommendation.


How much does it make?

Enough… trust me! It basically filled the mason jar glass to the brim. Now this is dependant on how much liquid you put in. The chef recommends 270ml but I did like to add a little more for a slightly less thick consistency. It also will depend if you left the ingredients out the thaw or just whizzed straight out the freezer (like I did most times because I forgot!) You can see in the photo below that you get plenty in the pack.


Healthy smoothie ingrediants


The Taste Test

I couldn’t wait to try them and they did not disappoint! I used almond milk in most per the chef’s recommendation. I switched it up for the good morning one as I wanted it to be a bit sweeter so I added fresh Orange juice. I also decided to try coconut water in the cacaonut one and this was actually my favourite! The fitness fuel one I enjoyed the least just because it had quite a strong taste of peanuts and I’m not so keen on them, but if you love them you would be in taste heaven haha! So, in conclusion, I would order 4 out of the 5 again, not bad at all!


What do they cost?

I was gifted them to try but you can check out all the details on their site. However, I can tell you they work out from £3.75 per smoothie so mot much more than a coffee!



Tasty, nutritious, convenient and planet-friendly… yes please!


I think The Honestly Good Smoothie Company provide fantastic smoothie options. If like me you have a busy life yet are health conscious then you should snap up the ability to make one less decision a day! I enjoyed mine for breakfast, after yoga, whilst teaching my dance class and just chilling on Sunday. Delicious smoothies the easy way have got my vote for sure!

Rachael 🙂 x

Clifton beaches Cape Town


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