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Zero Gravity Dubai… Know before you go!

I’ve recently come back from a hen break in Dubai. It’s hard to choose the best day as honestly it was so good from start to finish. But ladies day at Zero Gravity pool party we attended on the Tuesday was seriously amazing! It certainly give Ocean Beach in Ibiza a run for its money. So I thought I would share our day there with you guys.

As a party of eight we had prior booked a large bed. The cost of this was 450AED so approximately £90. Although some may think this is steep I beg to differ as it just works as a minimum spend. You use the money you’ve paid for the bed to get your food and drinks so essentially the bed is free – I mean you would spend that money anyway right on a night out?!

Once paying we headed into the pool area but not before stopping for a photo in front of the themed wall with a unicorn ha ha!

Once inside we were shown to our bed which of course wasn’t going to allow all eight of us to lie on. But this wasn’t a problem as it was more of a base. I’ve been to pool parties and not had a bed before and this is a serious pain in the arse… you need somewhere for your gang, even if it’s to dump the stuff – trust me. One thing I loved about being in Dubai as well is I was never worrying about being robbed. This is a problem in Ibiza… you always have to have an eye on your stuff. Too many opportunists about, which is not great when your dancing on a sun bed oblivious to the world drunk!

Now let me tell you the setting is amazing. There is an impressive stage for the DJ to do his thing. You’ve got a jacuzzi and the 39m glass fronted infinity pool surrounded by plenty of sun beds. Then the beach in front of that with a view of the Dubai skyline. Ahh what’s not to love?

Now I know what your thinking… yeah go on but how much were drinks? I was presently surprised to find that a pitcher of cocktail or pimms was around 169AED so that’s approximately £35. This is something you share (unless your a hardcore drinker!) so I thought that was pretty reasonable for where we were. We got through several of these pitchers though ha ha! I don’t think they are that strong to be fair but they were refreshing. Just to mention as well service was good with bar tenders floating about it was easy to grab someone to order and drinks came pretty quick.

After a few hours we decided to order some food. There was a vast choice on the menu so it was hard to choose. Sushi, salads, sandwiches & nibbles! All reasonably priced around 60-80AED so £10 – £16. I settled on a tuna avacado panini and my friend a goats cheese and beetroot salad – which was nicely presented. I like attention to detail…

We were here at the beginning of October so not the busiest time, not all the beds were full. But the vibe was great and more than enough people to converse with. Plenty of room in the pool to swim and chill by the sides or standing pouting if that’s your thing! Which you see a lot of in Dubai, the vibe can be a bit pretentious. However I didn’t let this bother me one bit! I’m more than happy to dance around the pools edge alone in my own little world ha ha! We’re here for a good time not a long time…

The music was mainly house which worked well for a pool party obviously. A saxophonist performed over the tunes throughout the day which I loved. I think this trend started in Ibiza as I’ve seen this in Ocean beach club to but to a better standard dare I say. However he was good and us hen girls had a good dance in the sunshine to him playing on the stage.

A few other things that made the day were giant inflatables in the pool, unicorn cakes brought round by scantily clad men ha ha!unicorn cup holders to float your drinks in and bubble machines blowing. Also they were doing complimentary massages or polish changes which was a lovely touch. Also worth a mention are the bathrooms… fully equipped if you wanted to go from pool party to night club. Dressing tables, hair dryers, straighteners all at vanity tables. I opted for space buns in my hair before leaving the hotel though – up and out the way… once I’m ready I don’t want to spend time in the bathroom preening… I’m only missing the party!

We were at Zero Gravity from about mid day through to the sun setting at around 6:30. The day went pretty quick which is always a sign of having a good time! We actually struggled to spend all the money we had paid for the bed as when we checked we had quite a bit left. We had all had plenty to drink and eat though. If you want a full day of fun is the sunshine that’s good value in a beautiful setting Zero Gravity is the place to be. It’s won several alwards over the last few years too including best beach club and it’s easy to see why… it will certainly be on my list again.

Rachael 🙂 x