Welcome to my blog relaunch!

Welcome to my blog relaunch… I’m back! Oh, have I missed writing my blog. FINALLY a little over a month later I can welcome you guys to my redesigned site… I hope you like it.  Enlisting Help Now I would love to say I designed my new website myself but I didn’t. I like to […]

Developing my blog!

Hey guys! I have decided I want to invest some money and time into developing my blog. Why? Because I am seriously loving blogging. I’ve been sticking to a posting schedule of Sunday’s and now Wednesdays too! But I missed my Sunday post last week. Let me share with you why… Moving my blog Listen […]

I’m so in Love With Blogging!

I’ve just realised… I’m so in love with blogging. I’ve just spent a good hour of my morning reading others blogs again. Gone are the days when I would mindlessly scroll through social media. Granted I still like a nosey at Instagram but it’s reading blogs that’s stole my heart. So here I share my […]

Checking in With my Goals

Spring is fast approaching… seriously though where did January and February go?!! I swear as I get older time is moving faster or maybe I’m just busier than ever… now were officially in March I will be checking in with my goals for the first time this year! Checking in With my Goals: March 2019 […]