Winter Skincare Tips!

These winter skincare tips are bound to help you maintain a glowing complexion throughout the colder months. Winter here in the UK is well and truly setting in now in the month of November. Early dark nights, cold mornings and… dry skin! I can notice a distinct change in my skin at this time of […]

Two Fun-Filled Days in Edinburgh

Victoria Street in Edinburgh

I have just returned from two fun-filled days in Edinburgh with my best friends. As promised in my last post I absolutely need to share what we did with you guys as we had the best time! I think we got the balance between fun and seeing the real Edinburgh just right. Whether your away […]

Oh Vancouver…

Oh Vancouver… you weren’t on my list but you absolutely should have been. My first time in Canada and you were where we landed to begin our adventure. You see Canada was way down my travel list I’m ashamed to say. My other half had it at the top of his list so that’s how […]

18 Things I Learnt by my Second Cruise

This is 18 things I learnt by my second cruise… because do you really learn everything from your first? I realise I am still at the beginning of my cruising life but none the less now I’ve done two cruises on two different lines I feel able to give you advice and good tips. I […]

A Week in Tropea

At the end of May I travelled to Italy for a week in Tropea. Tropea? Where’s that? A common response from many when I shared where I was going. Tropea is located in south Italy within the Calabria region and it was instagram that lead me to this destination. I follow many travel pages and […]