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A Night at the Ivy Manchester

Back in January I booked us in the Ivy at Manchester for the bank holiday weekend. The other half and I do not go out as much as we should so I declared that when we do go out we should go to the nicest places (I’m not daft, ha ha!) I have heard good things about The Ivy and let me tell you… with good reason, it’s amazing. As soon as you approach the door it’s clear to see attention to detail is not lacking. First off the door men are wearing fabulous floral suit jackets. I stopped outside the entrance for a quick photo.

The Ivy consists of not one but three restaurants – the Brassiere, the Asia and the Roof Top Garden. Our booking was for the Asia on the middle floor. Stepping out of the lift and looking left into the restaurant was an instant WOW moment… just look at that illuminated emerald green floor, honestly the photo doesn’t do it justice.

The Ivy decor

As we were early we positioned ourselves at the bar to indulge in some cocktails and soak up the atmosphere. There was a DJ playing music which added to the cool vibe, it was pretty loud for a restaurant but I quite liked it. The decor was vibrant and obviously oriental in style, it looked as if no expense had been spared. Surprisingly the cocktails were normal price around £10-£15 each and very nicely presented.

Yummy Cocktails

After half an hour we were seated at our table and handed the menus… but never mind the menu just look at that napkin ring!

Ivy Asia Menu and napkin ring

The menu is designed for sharing like tapas… the idea being you choose a few dishes from each section. The lighter dishes being at the top through to heavier dishes and finally dessert. We didn’t find it hard to pick at all… it was a mouth watering menu to say the least. My other half was quite concerned about the lack of knife and fork but I was too distracted by the cute fish the chopsticks were in and the salt and pepper octopus.

Attention to detail at The Ivy

Anyway onto the food! We started with shaved vegetable salad, avocado and miso. Now I have to confess I’m not a salad girl… I would never normally pick it when out but it was a great choice.

Shaved vegetable salad

Next up was yellowfin tuna tataki, citrus and white Soy. Oh my gosh the combination was perfect, the flavours were divine! I wished there was more…

Yellow fin tuna tataki

Butter fried milk chicken would have been our next choice however it was sold out so we settled for fried chicken gyzo with truffle sauce and it did not disappoint.

Fried chicken gyzo

Onto the last two dishes… slow cooked pork belly with asian barbecue sauce, simply mouth watering.

Slow cooked pork belly

Then salmon fillet teriyaki, yummy! We accompanied these with some egg fried rice and steamed broccoli.

Salmon teriyaki

Now if you don’t do dessert I’m afraid we can’t be friends ha ha! I LOVE dessert and will always have it even if nobody else chooses to. So last up was red dragon dessert and yes it was every bit fabulous as it sounds… dark chocolate and honeycomb… oh my!

Red dragon dessert

Bizarrely I feel the need to mention the ladies bathroom. I had been told it was really quite something and it was. A statue was the centre piece and the celling was adorned with flowers. Each toilet had it’s own blush pink marble vanity unit. It felt very glamorous to say the least…of course it was full of girls taking photos!

Ladies bathroom at The Ivy

A night at the Ivy… well what can I say? I think you can tell that I was a big fan. The decor, atmosphere, food, cocktails… I loved it all and it’s safe to say I will return. If your in Manchester you should definitely check it out but be sure to book in advance.

Have you dined in any of the Ivy restaurants? Were you impressed? let me know in the comments. I would love some other nice restaurant recommendations too…

Rachael 🙂 x

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