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First Sky Dive… Would I do it again?!

So I have completed my first sky dive… OH MY LIFE I actually went through with it! I questioned my sanity in the weeks leading up to it… I mean who in their right mind willing launches themselves out of a flying aeroplane?! Me! I did, ha ha! I’m still buzzing, can you tell?

Ahh the good old bucket list, many things are on it but none quite as terrifying as a sky dive. I like to challenge myself and this has been on my list forever. Booking a charity skydive to raise funds for the MS Trust seemed like a great plan. I mean if people sponsor me I can’t wimp out right?! So I rang up and booked at skydive northwest in the lake district. Luckily for me my sisters partner Dan wanted to do one too so I had a sky dive buddy.

We arrived at the centre on a slightly gloomy and windy Sunday morning and was relieved that jumps were going ahead. After handing in our forms we were taken for a 20 minute briefing. Clear instructions were given about everything, I felt well informed which is good given my life was literally in someone else’s hands!

Ready to sky dive
Attire on, feeling brave? not really…

Obviously as first timers Dan and I were doing tandem jumps. My instructor told me he did his first jump at 16yrs old alone (wtf?!) and had been jumping for 30 years. This eased my mind, he clearly was a competent sky diver.

Once kitted up we entered the air field and headed towards the aeroplane. Honestly my nerves at this point were building badly. More so when I got inside the plane and realised just how small it was.

Boarding the plane
Not feeling as confident as I look!

The plane quickly climbed and my ears were popping and I was trying to not panic! We went up fast and I kept thinking oh this must be it… but no! Up and up we went. The exact height we were jumping from was 14,000ft… but honestly this meant nothing to me! I don’t have a great concept of distance.

At last the door opened and the cabin filled with air and became much louder. At this point you realise you’ve never been in a place with the door open, I mean why would you?! It was pretty scary. Three guys who were jumping alone left the plane. As I watched them tumble down and my heart was in my mouth.

All aboard the sky dive plane
Terrified… can’t even muster a smile!

Then the door shut and apparently we were to go higher… excuse me?! This is when he head fell off. What do you mean higher?!! I started to internally panic thinking I just can’t do it, I just can’t do this!

On the edge ready to jump
Dear God, please don’t let me die!!

But soon enough the door opened again and it was my turn. I shuffled forwards with my instructor and I don’t think my heart has ever beat so fast! As I sat on the edge with my head back (as instructed) I thought I this is it, I actually might die!

Then we left the plane, holy crap we were out! I couldn’t tell you if he counted or anything but we were out! The initial fall was scary.

Yikes! I can’t believe I did it!

But afterwards it was weird… your going down obviously but it’s just like the winds under you holding you up. The camera man was encouraging me to wave etc but I was too scared to move. I attempted a smile but it made my teeth cold ha ha!

First time sky dive smiling
Smile for the camera…

The free fall was a minute and let me tell you it was the longest minute of my life! I was kind of enjoying it but at the same time thinking where’s the parachute?!! It must have been a minute now…

I could see a cloud below me and it was coming faster and faster… silly as it may sound I was worried about going through it. As we entered it I think I held my breath for a few seconds ha ha! But nothing to worry about, except it was even colder and I now could see nothing.

Flying through the clouds
Look I’m flying!

Then with a slight hoist back up as my body dropped vertical I realised that was it, the free fall was over. I kind of breathed a sigh of relief that indeed the parachute had not failed. Oh wow look at the world below me! I took in the views whilst trying not to dither (did I mention I was cold?!) it was very peaceful.

Parachute finally opens
The moment we dropped into a vertical position as the parachute released

Soon enough we were coming in to land, remembering my briefing and also a reminder from my instructor I lifted my legs high as we swooped down. I was smiling my head off at this point, I think it was a mixture of relief and feeling amazed that I had indeed gone through with a sky dive.

Survived my first sky dive!

I Raised £466 for the charity the MS Trust. It’s close to my heart as my lovely mum has MS. Thank you so much to all those who donated.

Would I do it again? Yes and no… if I was somewhere amazing on holiday and I thought the views would be worth it absolutely. Am I about to throw myself out of a plane as a new found hobby? Definitely not, I will stick to my thrills at theme parks!

Would I recommend it? 100% yes… why? because life is for living and you should try everything once 😉

Rachael 🙂 x

You can book with Sky Dive Northwest here –

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Do You Have a Bucket List?

Do you have a bucket list? An actual physical written down one or is it just a mental record in your head? Confession… a while back I bought this bucket list book. I proudly shared it on my Instagram but then guess what… I never wrote in it! My bucket list remained in my phone. Whoops!

Bucket list book

You see the book is really lovely and whilst I’m happy to record it in my phone writing my life long dreams in the book feels like a serious commitment. Why would that be a problem you ask? Isn’t a bucket list suppose to be things you want to do?

Well of course but it doesn’t mean the list doesn’t scare me in more ways than one. Firstly some things on it I’m not sure how I will ever achieve them from a cost point of view. Secondly some things actually terrify me! Like many peoples bucket list it’s a list of my wildest dreams… places I want to go, things I want to achieve, moments that will make my soul soar.

Record your goals

Inside the pages of this book there is space to record the goal, your inspiration and then ultimately when you achieved it. So as you can see once it’s written down you have a commitment to making it happen. That or forever be faced with a record of things I dreamed of doing but never achieved. Yikes!

It just so happens a week today I will be crossing off a major bucket list thing – skydiving… yup, I’m going to throw myself out of a plane and honestly I keep getting little bolts of pure fear through me when I think about it. I’ve already paid for it and I’ve already put it back once! If there was ever a time to be filling out this bloody bucket list book it’s now.

If not now when?

There’s no time like the present so they say… so I’ve finally done just that, I’ve spent the afternoon officially filling in the pages. It’s a known fact that you are more likely to achieve goals if you have wrote them down, so go me!

No way am I being left with a book of forgotten dreams… so let’s hope that theory is right! Here’s to entry number 1… My skydive for the charity MS Trust. You can read my story here and sponsor me if you wish –

100 bucket list things

Did I manage 100? No… when it came down to it I realised I am doing pretty darn good anyway, I’ve already done tons of things I dreamed of. Had I started this earlier it would definitely be full now but I’m kind of glad it’s not as it means I can add more things as and when I am inspired to.

Have you crossed something off your bucket list you never thought possible? Tell me about it in the comments!

Rachael 🙂 x

Fancy a bucket list book? Etsy has some great options, check them out!

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Zero Gravity Dubai… Know before you go!

I’ve recently come back from a hen break in Dubai. It’s hard to choose the best day as honestly it was so good from start to finish. But ladies day at Zero Gravity pool party we attended on the Tuesday was seriously amazing! It certainly give Ocean Beach in Ibiza a run for its money. So I thought I would share our day there with you guys.

As a party of eight we had prior booked a large bed. The cost of this was 450AED so approximately £90. Although some may think this is steep I beg to differ as it just works as a minimum spend. You use the money you’ve paid for the bed to get your food and drinks so essentially the bed is free – I mean you would spend that money anyway right on a night out?!

Once paying we headed into the pool area but not before stopping for a photo in front of the themed wall with a unicorn ha ha!

Once inside we were shown to our bed which of course wasn’t going to allow all eight of us to lie on. But this wasn’t a problem as it was more of a base. I’ve been to pool parties and not had a bed before and this is a serious pain in the arse… you need somewhere for your gang, even if it’s to dump the stuff – trust me. One thing I loved about being in Dubai as well is I was never worrying about being robbed. This is a problem in Ibiza… you always have to have an eye on your stuff. Too many opportunists about, which is not great when your dancing on a sun bed oblivious to the world drunk!

Now let me tell you the setting is amazing. There is an impressive stage for the DJ to do his thing. You’ve got a jacuzzi and the 39m glass fronted infinity pool surrounded by plenty of sun beds. Then the beach in front of that with a view of the Dubai skyline. Ahh what’s not to love?

Now I know what your thinking… yeah go on but how much were drinks? I was presently surprised to find that a pitcher of cocktail or pimms was around 169AED so that’s approximately £35. This is something you share (unless your a hardcore drinker!) so I thought that was pretty reasonable for where we were. We got through several of these pitchers though ha ha! I don’t think they are that strong to be fair but they were refreshing. Just to mention as well service was good with bar tenders floating about it was easy to grab someone to order and drinks came pretty quick.

After a few hours we decided to order some food. There was a vast choice on the menu so it was hard to choose. Sushi, salads, sandwiches & nibbles! All reasonably priced around 60-80AED so £10 – £16. I settled on a tuna avacado panini and my friend a goats cheese and beetroot salad – which was nicely presented. I like attention to detail…

We were here at the beginning of October so not the busiest time, not all the beds were full. But the vibe was great and more than enough people to converse with. Plenty of room in the pool to swim and chill by the sides or standing pouting if that’s your thing! Which you see a lot of in Dubai, the vibe can be a bit pretentious. However I didn’t let this bother me one bit! I’m more than happy to dance around the pools edge alone in my own little world ha ha! We’re here for a good time not a long time…

The music was mainly house which worked well for a pool party obviously. A saxophonist performed over the tunes throughout the day which I loved. I think this trend started in Ibiza as I’ve seen this in Ocean beach club to but to a better standard dare I say. However he was good and us hen girls had a good dance in the sunshine to him playing on the stage.

A few other things that made the day were giant inflatables in the pool, unicorn cakes brought round by scantily clad men ha ha!unicorn cup holders to float your drinks in and bubble machines blowing. Also they were doing complimentary massages or polish changes which was a lovely touch. Also worth a mention are the bathrooms… fully equipped if you wanted to go from pool party to night club. Dressing tables, hair dryers, straighteners all at vanity tables. I opted for space buns in my hair before leaving the hotel though – up and out the way… once I’m ready I don’t want to spend time in the bathroom preening… I’m only missing the party!

We were at Zero Gravity from about mid day through to the sun setting at around 6:30. The day went pretty quick which is always a sign of having a good time! We actually struggled to spend all the money we had paid for the bed as when we checked we had quite a bit left. We had all had plenty to drink and eat though. If you want a full day of fun is the sunshine that’s good value in a beautiful setting Zero Gravity is the place to be. It’s won several alwards over the last few years too including best beach club and it’s easy to see why… it will certainly be on my list again.

Rachael 🙂 x

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Make time for your Grandparents…

Hey guys,

I set up the blog about 2 months ago. You see I always have so much to say, I am a little miss chatterbox and my friend once referred to me as a social butterfly – I quite like that! My life is chaotic so I thought I know why not write a blog?! something else I can try fit in my  already full days, ha ha! I’m hoping it might be a nice outlet for me and you guys might just enjoy reading it. But then I got like blog phobia… I suddenly had this silly anxiety over writing my first post. All of a sudden it seemed a big deal… So I shut down the page and here I am now 2 months later… today the sun is shinning, I’m off work, I’ve been on holiday last week, the house is tidy, I am refreshed! so here goes….

Like many adults my age (33! eek!) I’m grateful to still have a Grandparent around. My Grandad aka Dada has always been a big presence in my life. He is the kind of Grandad every kid deserves. I have many happy memories from being younger and playing at my grandparents house, sleepovers occasionally, holidays and lots of days out with them. Unfortunately we lost my Grandma 5 years ago and devastation hit my family like it would any. But its not my Grandma I want to talk about today I will save that for another post. 

See since I got older and my busy adult life has consumed me I have sadly seen less of my Dada. Don’t get me wrong I still see him but not as much as I would like ideally. Today I was child free and stress free! So I called him up for a lunch date just me and him. He was made up to say the least. Knowing he likes me dressed girly I put a summery dress and sandals on. When I arrived to pick him up he instantly commented on my dress, but I was touched to see he was wearing a shirt and tie for the occasion.

I drove him to a nice local pub with benches out the front as the sun was shinning for once. It was lovely to just sit outside with him watching the world go by. He told me how when he was younger that you would be lucky to see one car go past this location let alone several per minute. When he tells me how things have changed I am still fascinated to hear. He reminisces about how things were but marvel’s at the wonder of the world today. He is 88 years old – hes seen a lot of changes in his lifetime. I watched as he squinted his wrinkly eyes in the sun searching back for his memories of times gone by.

He told me about Burtonwood airbase that was once in our town… full of Americans that my Grandma and all the young girls were in awe of. He said they thought of them like movie stars! the airbase has obviously long since gone. He told me many stories that he’s told me a million times… with a cheeky glint in his eye and a chuckle in his voice. I sit there patiently listening and nodding although I know where the story is going. I ask questions and smile at his memories. It makes me sad that he’s lost my grandma and all his friends slowly , I cant comprehend what that must be like. I know he loves sharing these memories still …that’s what makes him happy… remembering the good times. I like listening… I like that he tells me them again and again probably unknowingly that he’s told me before. Old age will come to us all if we are lucky enough. One day I hope my grandchildren (If I’m lucky enough to have them) will be patient with me and listen to my stories again and again… I hope they will let me relive my favourite memories – just like I let my Dada.

We spent almost 3 hours sitting in the sunshine eating, drinking and chatting. Like a true gentleman should he paid.. no matter how much I protest he never lets me pay still. I drove him home to his house that he and my Grandma shared pretty much all their lives. I helped him in and made sure he took his tablets. I still love his house… it smells a bit old, not in a bad way but just like it should. The dated carpets and wallpaper are endearing. He has photos up everywhere of family, especially of us grandchildren. Nothing much has changed since we were kids. But I like this… this is his house full of his lifetime of memories and some of mine. He still watches the traffic for me as I move away from his house and turn the car round… just like he did when I was seventeen. As I drive off he makes my heart smile shuffling back to his door waving.

I have had a wonderful afternoon today and I know I’ve brought a little more fulfilment to his otherwise quiet week, this makes me happy. You should always try and make time for your Grandparents… you never know when it may be the last time you listen to their stories… cherish them. I’m grateful to still have my Dada here to spend time with… hes a legend 🙂

Me and my Grandad… he’s a legend!