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You can do anything but not everything…

You can do anything but not everything… something I realised off the back of my digital detox weekend a couple of weeks back.  As an ambitious 17 year old I launched my own dance academy and have never looked back since. Driven by passion and a desire to be successful I have been teaching and running my business for almost 20 years (yikes!)

Too much self help?

For some time now I’ve been delving into the world of business, productivity and self improvement by watching YouTube videos, listening to audio books and reading. But could too much self help be a bad thing? I was starting to feel like I was under achieving and became so overwhelmed that I felt like I was going to have a breakdown.

Is one business not enough?

Not only was I single handedly running my business I was also in the process of setting up two more. A dance wear company and a fitness one both driven through the platform instagram.  Heading for burn out I had to take a step back and think what am I ultimately trying to achieve here? You can do anything but is trying to do everything a mistake?

You see everything comes at a cost and running my dance business with over 200 pupils is a mammoth task alone. I am busy enough already so why do I now feel the need to add more? Because I’m literally being brainwashed. Statements like “everyone should be making money online these days” had really got in my head and I started thinking I should be investing in a second business and making a second income.

Time for me?

This was further fuelled by analysing other peoples lives on social media! I know, what a nightmare… now I won’t go into that as that’s a whole nother blog post. But my impending breakdown was coming from a place of feeling I don’t have any time to enjoy the simple things in life. I might go to yoga, indulge in the odd massage and facial but I literally run in and out of these squeezing them into my otherwise manic day. Bottom line… I just don’t stop!

No headspace…

My mind was constantly in overdrive with all the tasks I was failing to do. If I tried to take time out feelings of guilt would creep in massively. It actually got that bad that when I was with other people I was never fully present. I might have been there in person but my mind was literally in a world of its own and I had no head space. I convinced myself I didn’t have time to just chill out at home… a day of doing nothing was just not on my agenda. Is it any wonder I was heading for burn out!! I started to wonder have I actually become addicted to being busy?!

Time to re-evaluate

Breaking point came when I realised that my situation wasn’t going to change. If I keep pursuing ideas and striving to be better I will forever be stuck in a place of not being satisfied and feeling stressed. I want to be able to look forward to a day just chilling out, being fully present with family, not feeling guilty that I’m not doing the million and one things in my head.

I am enough…

So I’ve made big changes… I’ve realised I am already killing it. I am successful and it’s time to own that.  I have created a lovely life and I should be proud of myself. I’m doing what I always set out to do and I love it as much now as when I was 17, not many people can say that. I’m where I’m suppose to be, it’s okay… I don’t need to try and take on the world. You can do anything but not everything.

Am I reaching my full potential? Maybe not… maybe I have got more to give but is it worth the stress and time? Like I said everything comes at a cost. A cost to your mental health and happiness is just not worth it. It’s time for me to just be… enjoy my life as it and start to reconnect with the things I love. Not constantly be pursuing another dream. My life is passing me by whilst I’m trying to build an even better one! Right now for the first time in ages I feel at peace with myself and it feels amazing.

Can you relate to this? Are you constantly consumed by your own thoughts and ideas and never really present? Maybe it’s time to free yourself from a tortuous cycle… remember, you are enough.

Rachael 🙂 x

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Mindful Buying…

Following on from a recent blog post where I mention I’ve been looking into minimalism I decided to tackle a clear out of all things beauty. This included clearing bathroom cabinets, draws and my dressing table. I’m not particularly a beauty junkie but I was actually shocked at how much I unused products I had.

I can’t blame myself for all of them though. You get bought things from time to time that you would just feel ungrateful if you immediately got rid of. You put them into a draw knowing full well you will never use them. STOP. You know what would be better than this… taking them unopened to the charity shop or giving them to a friend.

Also among the discarded was facial products, sun cream (erm when did I buy this?!) hair bobbles (I could have put my hair up in a different bobble for a year!) shampoo and conditioner (tried once and discarded as it didn’t suit my hair) body products (just not a smell I enjoy!) and make up. Loads of make – up! Now when it comes to make up I’m a simple girl. I have an active job so having a face full of it is not on my agenda so why I have bought such items as a contouring kit I will never know! (The one time I used it I looked like a panda).

I shop when I think I deserve a treat. We’ve all been there… when you feel you’ve worked non stop and you just want to get out and buy yourself something. This is the most dangerous type of shopping. This is when you buy things you DON’T need and probably won’t use. So as I stared into the pile of discared things bought mostly on such shopping trips I silently scolded myself.

I decided if it didn’t fit in the dressing table draws or one set of wicker draws it had to go. It was not an easy task as some of the stuff was expensive. Now I know what your thinking… you should have given it away. Slight problem… most the items had that little symbol on the back saying 6 months or 12 months. Now I think these labels are somewhat overlooked (don’t shout at me! I’m no beauty expert, I just use things till they are gone!) but I’m not about to start asking friends ‘hey do you want this eye shadow pallet I think I bought it in 2012… it’s never been used though so should be ok!’

The point here is definitely excessive buying but also not regularly organising my things. I vowed to start buying more mindfully. But what does this even mean? For me I decided it means when I pick up a product I ask myself these 3 questions…

1. Do I need this?

2. Do I love this?

3. Will I use it/wear it more than once?

It’s okay to buy things you don’t need if you really love them. But I concluded it’s not so great if you won’t get good use out of the item. So this is the start of my more mindful buying. I will let you know how it goes ha ha!

When did you last have a clear out? Do you buy mindfully? I must admit there is something therapeutic about clearing stuff out and everything being tidy. Maybe there is some truth in the saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’.

Rachael x