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Mindful Buying…

Following on from a recent blog post where I mention I’ve been looking into minimalism I decided to tackle a clear out of all things beauty. This included clearing bathroom cabinets, draws and my dressing table. I’m not particularly a beauty junkie but I was actually shocked at how much I unused products I had.

I can’t blame myself for all of them though. You get bought things from time to time that you would just feel ungrateful if you immediately got rid of. You put them into a draw knowing full well you will never use them. STOP. You know what would be better than this… taking them unopened to the charity shop or giving them to a friend.

Also among the discarded was facial products, sun cream (erm when did I buy this?!) hair bobbles (I could have put my hair up in a different bobble for a year!) shampoo and conditioner (tried once and discarded as it didn’t suit my hair) body products (just not a smell I enjoy!) and make up. Loads of make – up! Now when it comes to make up I’m a simple girl. I have an active job so having a face full of it is not on my agenda so why I have bought such items as a contouring kit I will never know! (The one time I used it I looked like a panda).

I shop when I think I deserve a treat. We’ve all been there… when you feel you’ve worked non stop and you just want to get out and buy yourself something. This is the most dangerous type of shopping. This is when you buy things you DON’T need and probably won’t use. So as I stared into the pile of discared things bought mostly on such shopping trips I silently scolded myself.

I decided if it didn’t fit in the dressing table draws or one set of wicker draws it had to go. It was not an easy task as some of the stuff was expensive. Now I know what your thinking… you should have given it away. Slight problem… most the items had that little symbol on the back saying 6 months or 12 months. Now I think these labels are somewhat overlooked (don’t shout at me! I’m no beauty expert, I just use things till they are gone!) but I’m not about to start asking friends ‘hey do you want this eye shadow pallet I think I bought it in 2012… it’s never been used though so should be ok!’

The point here is definitely excessive buying but also not regularly organising my things. I vowed to start buying more mindfully. But what does this even mean? For me I decided it means when I pick up a product I ask myself these 3 questions…

1. Do I need this?

2. Do I love this?

3. Will I use it/wear it more than once?

It’s okay to buy things you don’t need if you really love them. But I concluded it’s not so great if you won’t get good use out of the item. So this is the start of my more mindful buying. I will let you know how it goes ha ha!

When did you last have a clear out? Do you buy mindfully? I must admit there is something therapeutic about clearing stuff out and everything being tidy. Maybe there is some truth in the saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’.

Rachael x

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I am not a hoarder…

There is nothing quite like an impending house move to make you look at how much stuff you actually own. I tell myself I am not hoarder… but is this true? I’m not so sure…

I have a house full of stuff like most people but how much of it do I actually use? I do regularly donate things to charity, throw things away but still I am coming to realise that I have way too many things. About a year ago I bought Marie Kondos book ‘The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying’. This promised to provide an effective way to banish clutter forever. After reading it I did have a major declutter but perhaps didn’t fully commit to her methods as the clutter slowly came back. It’s too much to explain her methods here but I would definitely recommend this book if your looking to get fired up about tidying.

I am not a naturally tidy person… clean but not tidy. My boyfriend actually calls me the whirlwind!! You see I start a task, get distracted with something else and then look at the clock and realise I have to leave to be somewhere!! Leaving a mess… or doing some kind of crazed tidying that’s really just stuffing things away. But what if actually didn’t have so much stuff in the first place?! Then I couldn’t make so much mess right?! You see where I’m going with this…

I am hearing the word minimalism more and more these days so decided to look into this a bit. Now why I’m not about to downsize so I could fit my worldly possessions into a backpack a lot of the information I read about minimalism is really resonating with me. Sometimes I feel I’m drowning in stuff and it’s exhausting. Do I really need 10 sets of pyjamas? 7 different shampoos on the go? 3 different potato mashers?! (Okay so maybe that’s because I can’t seem to make mash that’s not lumpy so I kept buying them!) but you get my jist.

So guys I am about to embark on a major decluttering journey… I don’t think it will be easy but it should be worth it. You know what they say…tidy house, tidy mind. Let’s see if it’s true. I will share some blog posts with you as I go along…. hopefully that will keep me motivated too. If you’ve got any tips about decluttering or minimalism feel free to share.

Rachael 🙂 x