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The Joys of Moving House!

So blog posts have been lacking and it’s due to a house move. What.a.nightmare. I’m no stranger to moving as in my lifetime I calculated this to be my 13th move. That’s quite a lot. I have a real envy of friends who only ever lived in one house and still go back to the same house to see their parents. I mean that never would have been me as mine separated when I was 17 but still I think it must be really lovely. All those memories in one home.

This move has been extra tricky as I’m moving in with my boyfriend you see and he already has a house full of furniture and things. I too have a house full of the same. I also have a hell of a lot of dance kit for my dance school that all needs to be housed. So my lovely other half has boarded out all his loft ready for me to relocate my dance stuff. He’s so pleased with his new found space he keeps saying things like ‘I might put my weights bench up here’, or ‘chill out up here’ I’m like seriously?! He has no idea… I tried telling him but I’m sure when 1000+ costumes descend on his home he will not be ‘chilling’ or ‘working out’ in his loft. Just to give you an idea here’s a shot of one side of my loft currently…

It’s been hard work getting rid of everything. Honestly the charity shop must love me! I’m taking a few bits of furniture with me and obviously personal possessions but otherwise I’ve been selling things left right and centre. That in itself is a pain. I had a women turn up with a fiesta to collect a three door wardrobe… it gets worse… with her child in the car and a boot full of shopping. Palm to face.

Then there was the epic moving of my beloved lizard Eugene today. My bearded dragon friend who I have had for eight years has moved once with me. He didn’t like it, his beard was black for a week! (For those who don’t know they go black when stressed) with the vivarium loaded in my dads van I popped Eugene in my car and set off. Now he can’t get too cold so I lovingly strapped him in the passenger seat next to me and put on the heated seat, ha ha! I was hoping it would be a quick journey but typically I was caught behind a tractor, two learner drivers and a road was closed. Still we made before he was cold and his beard was not black… result!

Moving house would not be so bad if everything else stopped whilst you did it. But that’s not the case for me. It’s been a busy week with my dance school doing awards too. I’ve not had a minute. I’m actually fuming that I’ve not had a bath in two weeks (don’t worry I’ve showered ha ha!) what I mean is a soak in the tub with bubbles, I’m missing it.

I am lucky in the fact that I currently rent so I have been able to move my stuff bit by bit. I dread to think what it would be like all done in one day! I’ve been in my house seven years so I have kind of forgotten. I am hoping to be all moved in by a week Friday. Between now and then though here’s what’s on the agenda… lunch with a friend, more furniture collections, cheerleading classes, a dance party, the big loft sort, two Halloween fun days with my dance school and 25 pumpkins to carve – BUSY!

Wish me luck guys! I think I’m gonna need it!! Here I am looking frazzled, tired, with greasy hair, no make up and my fellas hoodie… so glamorous!

I will back with more blog posts after the big move… once I’ve been to the spa to rejuvenate myself of course.

Rachael 🙂 x