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Eco swap mission – update #1

Hey guys! So I think it’s time I gave you my eco swap mission – update #1! If you want to read my original post you can do that here. But in a nutshell I’m trying to make some swaps that are better for the environment.

So how is it going? Well without further ado let me give you my eco swap mission – update #1!

What have I swapped so far?

1. Water bottle

2. Coffee Cup

3. Bags

Have you made these swaps? These are the most basic so I hope so.

4. Eco friendly cleaning products

I was keen to swap out our cleaning products for more eco friendly alternatives but honestly anything ‘eco’ is way more expensive it seems. So imagine my delight when I stumbled across an eco range in none other than Wilkinson’s! In this range they do the following –

Washing up liquid £1

Dishwasher tablets £3.50

Bathroom spray £1

toilet cleaner £1

Multipurpose spray £1

Kitchen spray £1

Laundry liquid £3

Fabric conditioner £3

Eco swap mission - cleaning products

These low prices are really low for an eco range! I tried out the sprays and the toilet cleaner and loved them. They did the job just as good as other leading brands. I initially didn’t buy the washing up liquid as I thought it wouldn’t be any competition for fairy but I was so impressed with the others I went back and picked it up. I was not disappointed, it bubbles well and cleans the dishes perfectly.

The eco friendly bit…

Okay so how is it better for the planet? They use sustainable plant derived ingredients and are packed in 100% recycled and recyclable bottle. In addition to this they are aquatic life, septic tank and vegan friendly. Oh and they smell way nicer than traditional cleaning products!

I think it’s safe to say here is a swap I have made that I will be sticking to. Get yourself over to Wilkinson and try it… don’t forget to let me know what you think!

5. Eco friendly washing tablets

The company SMOL will deliver eco friendly washing tablets right through your door. By cutting out the middle man and delivering direct to you they reckon they save you around 50% compared to other leading brands. The tablets boast fewer chemicals and come in fully recyclable packaging which is great.What’s more is they give you a FREE trial. Yes that’s right, they send you 12 tablets and you just pay the £1 postage. You have nothing to lose! Just to give you an idea of price after this I paid £3.95 for 24 tablets delivered the next month.

Eco friendly washing tablets

6. Eco friendly sun cream

With two impending holidays eco friendly sun screen was on my mind. I had been looking online at loads but honestly they were expensive compared to regular brands. But actually you don’t need to splash out… no other than well known brand Nivea are actually doing eco friendly sunscreen.

Eco friendly sun screen

7. Bamboo toothbrush

Ahh now this is a tricky one… I use an electric toothbrush that I love! But I have invested in a bamboo one too for when I travel. Sadly I’m not ready to give up my electric one but at least I won’t buy any more plastic ones when I go away.

Bamboo toothbrush

So that concludes my eco swap mission – update #1… I’m pretty happy with the changes I’ve made so far but many more are yet to be made. I’ve actually been on holiday and about to go on another so it’s hard to have this at the forefront of my mind. In September I look forward to further committing.

Have you made any eco swaps? Feel free to share ideas with me in the comments. If not I’m hoping I’ve inspired you start to make changes…

Rachael 🙂 x

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Eco Friendly Mission

I am on a relatively new found eco friendly mission. When I was a little girl I was obsessed with nature. I use to make posters about animals, extinction and saving the planet. I loved dolphins in particular, raising money for the protection of them and donating regularly to the whale and dolphin conservation.

Growing up…

Recently I have been casting my mind back to 8yr old me. Sat in my room drawing the planet and the words ‘save our planet’ ens crawled around it. Drawings of animals close to extinction dotted around the paper. I was so passionate about conservation back then. But as I grew up the issues our planet faced sadly slipped to the back of my mind whilst I tried to navigate the grown up world.

The planet needs us now more than ever…

Fast forward to 2019 and it is definitely time to wake up. If 8yr old me could see me today she would certainly think I’m not doing enough. The planet needs help more than ever… it’s no secret it’s at crisis point. But we must all pull together to make changes… remember little changes add up to big things.

The plastic epidemic…

The plastic eperdemic stretches much further than straws which initially grabbed the limelight. However I suppose they are good a place to start as any. I came across this thought provoking quote…

Being eco friendly is everybody's responsibility

A video of a sea turtle that went viral having a plastic straw pulled out of its nose was a wake up call for many. Since then we’ve seen whales cut open on beaches with stomachs full of plastic. What are we doing to our oceans? Allowing 8 million tons of plastic to enter it each year that’s what. It’s heart breaking.

Issues our planet is facing…

But lets be real here… plastic is only one of many issues our planet is facing. Others are over population, pollution, global warming, natural resource depletion to name a few.

My wake up call…

Last year I moved house and that was the start of my wake up call for me. I was faced with a mammoth task of packing up my 3 bedroom house and making it fit into my boyfriends which was already full of stuff. A mass clearout impended and it caused me to seriously look at my own consumerism habits. You can read my post on mindful buying here.

What am I doing now?

Now before anyone shoots me down I’m not claiming to be some kind of eco warrior… this is the start of my eco friendly journey. I’m just a girl waking up fully to the issues our planet is facing… and I want to do my bit. I have made the small obvious changes like most. Ditching plastic bottles, plastic bags and taking recycling seriously. But I know I can do so much more and I want to.

Join me!

I have spent the last month really reading up on the subject of helping the planet and making more eco friendly choices. I am going to commit to making one change a week to help our planet. If your reading this and feeling inspired then join me! I’m calling my new venture my ‘eco swap mission’

Follow me on Instagram @thepretendgrownup where hopefully I can you inspire to make some changes with me. If you do don’t forget to use the hashtag #ecoswapmission. I will also be blogging at the end of each month about the swaps I’ve made and how I’ve found them.

I’m on a mission to make 8yr old me proud… better late than never! 🙂

Rachael x