My Cape Town Bucket List!

Clifton beaches Cape Town

My Cape town bucket list is something I am dying to share with you guys! I am FINALLY going to Cape Town and excited is not the word! So it is now only ten sleeps until I go… not that I’m counting!   My Cape Town Obsession… Cape Town has been a long obsession of […]

Moraine Lake in Summer

Moraine Lake Canoes

Visiting Moraine Lake in summer might be on your bucket list but it is also on everyone else’s! Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies sees millions of tourists flock to it in the summer season to admire the turquoise blue lakes in all there glory. Maybe your wondering whether to go? maybe you’ve already […]

Banff Town – Know Before You Go!

Banff Town

A stay in the charming town of Banff is a must if you are wanting to explore Banff National Park. It is located within the Rocky Mountains on Alberta’s western border. It is the gateway to adventure… stunning mountains, turquoise lakes and amazing hiking trails await you. This was the perfect location after our visit […]

Granville Island – The Perfect Guide

Aqua bus to Granville Island

Granville Island was a little further down my list when planning my trip to Vancouver. I was so excited about going to see Capilano Suspension Bridge and riding my bike through Stanley Park that a trip across to Granville island was not at the forefront of my mind. None the less it came up a […]

Exploring Stanley Park in Vancouver

View of Lions Gate Bridge

Exploring Stanley Park in Vancouver is said to be the number one reason people visit the city. A little research will tell you the most popular way people go about this is via cycling. I was so excited to hire a bike and navigate my way around this world-famous park! We honestly had the best […]

Visiting Capilano Suspension Bridge

View of Capilano Suspension Bridge

Visiting Capilano Suspension Bridge was high on my list when travelling to Vancouver in the summer. The suspension bridge may be the main attraction but you will also find a treetops adventure and cliff walk within the park. Attracting over 800,000 visitors a year from all corners of the globe to appreciate nature from these […]

Welcome to my blog relaunch!

Welcome to my blog relaunch… I’m back! Oh, have I missed writing my blog. FINALLY a little over a month later I can welcome you guys to my redesigned site… I hope you like it.  Enlisting Help Now I would love to say I designed my new website myself but I didn’t. I like to […]