The Lockdown Life…

I’m back! Seriously…  where does time go?! So, in a nutshell, I went to South Africa (I will be sharing the details at a later date) then my job got crazy busy and then lo and behold here comes a world pandemic! But thanks to lockdown life I found myself a little hour to gather my thoughts for you lovely lot. So here are my observations of this whole situ so far…


Lockdown life, taking a walk


Lockdown smockdown… I mean what day of the week is it anyway?! 

Do you even know? Or more importantly do you even care?


Working from home?

Okay okay, so if you’re still working I’m guessing you do know the day of the week cos your boss (yes that bitch who always had it for you anyway! is now sending you ten times as much stuff cos clearly she doesn’t trust you working from home!)


Working from home with kids…

You’re desperately trying to get it all done from your desk (aka the dining room table) this no doubt consists of covering the speaker of the phone whilst hushing your kids with a look that would make even Michael Myers quiver in his shoes. Whilst you are ‘working’ you can only imagine the mess being made… it will probably resemble something that is left post music festival.

We’re talking countless toys, pens, paper out, dens built and not even a thought to put that seventh crisp packet that they just demolished in the bin because they are ‘starving’. Ohhh yes and the food situation… did you not know they literally feed them allll day every day at school. If your not bankrupt by the current economic crisis trust me your kids will see to that! Don’t even mention the kids home schooling. Just NO.


Working from home with no kids?

Could maybe be the best situation… I mean your probably getting up a little later, you’ve not had to sit in rush hour traffic and you get to wear your comfies to work – BONUS. The chances of you working to full capacity are slim because let’s face it… you might be open but is everyone you have to deal with? 3-4 hours of productive work and you’re done for the day cos your not getting the usual office mither… you are absolutely not sat in the garden with an alcoholic beverage by 3pm, honest! the trump card… you’re still on full pay.


Furloughed and no kids?

Yesss! But your in like in some weird kinda space where you don’t know what to do with yourself… you dreamed you would use this time so wisely. Maybe I will start a blog, learn a foreign language, start some kind of exercise routine… no… no, that’s not quite the situation.

You are left wondering if the rest of the world is indeed just like you and changing out of one set of PJs into another? This is of course whilst aimlessly scrolling through mind-numbing social media feeds where everyone seems to have there s*** together! No, they don’t, trust me… they are showing you the highlights. The other hours of the day they are probably drinking gin which they have now convinced themselves is okay as long as it’s after 11am LOL.


Furloughed with kids

Ahhh all this time to spend with my kids… I’m so blessed (queue eye roll) that’s so god damn cute… you know hanging out with your kids FOR A WEEK! Yes, you can totally entertain them at home… I’m not joking, it’s doable. Week 1 was a novelty, a joy to not rush from place to place. Fast forward to week 4… WEEK 4 in the HOUSE… its torture, anyone who says otherwise… their lying!

You’ve exhausted all options, you’ve even played that game granny bought them circa 2015 that they declared was so lame. You optimistically did a homeschooling schedule on week one that you managed to stick to until Wednesday (that is the Wednesday of that same week!) Yet everyone else’s social media is #familygoals. Oh look… you and your kids baked cupcakes (that’s if you managed to even get flour!)… how sweet… Shame you didn’t show us them on their game console for the other 5 HOURS of the day. 


Which one do you fall under?

So there we have it! Which one do you fall under? Or maybe you don’t fall under any at all? Maybe your reading this and thinking WOW, I wish they were my only problems. The things I outlined above might have you chuckling cos they are relatable but there are so many other situations going on right now.

NHS workers staying away from their families to save others lives. Several big companies are going bust. Smaller ones that have literally been a labour of love for one person folding before there eyes. And of course, most tragically of all lives are being lost. It’s truly is heartbreaking. We have fallen on hard times… but please have faith that they will eventually pass. When they do I hope we remember the lessons we learnt. To make more time for family and friends, hug a little harder, smile at strangers in the street and help each other a little more. 

Love to the world,

Rachael 🙂 x

P.s It’s Thursday… your welcome! 😉

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