Vampire Facial… Is it Worth it?

We live in a very vanity conscious world these days, everyone is trying to look there best. Be it Botox, lip filler or fancy facials most people are after starving off time. We even filter our photos to perfect our look.

At 35 years old I am very conscious of ageing. You see I can see changes in my face and it hard to accept them. It’s easy to see why people feel the need to get some help. Whilst I am yet to go down down the Botox route I have had a slight lip enhancement which I have to admit has given me more confidence. Sometimes people tell me ‘oh I didn’t know you had lip fillers’ and that is exactly the look I’m after.

I’m a girl who has regular facials, massages, wax’s and is not a stranger to the spa. I love to be pampered. So when I came across PRP a few years ago I was intrigued but not enough to look into it properly. PRP was made famous by Kim K… yep the vampire facial. What the hell is this you say?

A vampire facial, also known as a PRP facial, involves extracting 11mls of blood from a patient’s arm before placing it in a centrifuge to separate the platelet rich plasma from the blood cells. The 6mls of extracted PRP is then administered into the numb face via 120 individual injections. This treatment regenerates your skin cells by producing more collagen in turn reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It can get rid of acne scarring, dark circles and enhances your overall complexion.

After following my practitioners page for some time and being so intrigued by the results I decided to book in. I don’t really like needles… I mean who does? Yikes! 120 injections in my face?! I could cry when I get my brows microbladed so is this really for me? The things we do in the name of beauty.

So the procedure started with me filling out the all important client information form whilst my practitioner Scarlett explained all about it. I would like to say I was at ease but I wasn’t! Whilst excited to look 18 again (I wish!) I was crapping myself. My nerves were slightly eased by Scarlett’s professional manor and confidence in the results. She’s a PRP addict herself and her skin looked fabulous to me!

I lay down and she took the blood from my arm. Thanks to the emla (numbing) cream I purchased from the chemist I felt nothing – result! She whisked off my precious blood to put in the centrifuge and voila it came back like this…

Oh yeah and that’s numbing cream all over my face now! You can see the yellow (platelets) and the blood below.

Next she drew the platelets out into several needles ready to administer. I lay down and closed my eyes and she got to work. At first I thought oh my god this is a breeze! But she had warned me it would be at first and then I might start to feel it as my pain receptors kicked in. She was right as I felt it quite a bit around the inside area of my cheeks which she did last. Was it bearable? Totally in the name of beauty ha ha!

Here I am once the injections were all done. She massaged my face a bit too which is why the blood is smeared everywhere.

When she sat me up and I first saw my face I was slightly horrified… more so that I had work in three days (with kids – kids are so unforgiving at pointing things out) but Scarlett assured me I would look fine by then but also you can put make up on the next day so any bruising or needle marks can be hidden. After care you just go about your normal beauty regime however no retinol. For that day she recommended leaving my face alone and not touching it.

This was like an hour later… not too bad at all! I look knackered through not sleeping worrying about it the night before ha ha!

I could immediately see a difference in the volume of my skin but I guess that’s it surprising given it had been traumatised!

Come 3 days later when I went to work I was confident that nobody could even tell I had anything done – to be honest I was confident the next day. Wow! A treatment with minimal down time – result. I was going to work dressed as a witch for Halloween and honestly I can say my skin was positively glowing…

Now to see the real results of PRP they say 4 – 8 weeks. I have specifically waited until the 4 week mark to give my verdict. Honestly my skin has been amazing… plumper and more glowing but also the pores on my cheeks are much more refined. I am very happy… I feel PRP just might keep starving off that Botox, we will see.

Final photo… this is one Scarlett took pre treatment (excuse the hair I had been wearing a hat!) vs one I have taken this morning. In both photos I have no make up and no filters are used. I see the biggest improvements under my eyes and the overall texture of my skin, I am really pleased.

So some more facts…

How long does it last? Up to a year

How many treatments do you need? Some clients may only need 1 treatment whilst others may be recommended 3 within the first year to give skin that extra boost.

How much? £225… but this is fairly cheap. Scarlett did say the reason she does it cheaper is she wants it to be available to everyone not just the elite. Therefore she charges for her time not the results like many clinics do.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely and I totally skeptical but I’m sold! I will be having the 3 treatments within the year and will continue to in the future… if your on the fence about Botox go try this first!

Rachael 🙂 x

For those in the Cheshire area or further if you don’t mind the travel. I can 100% recommend Scarlett for this treatment. Take a look at her work here and

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