Why You Should Love January!

I have to confess… I’m a total lover of January and now I am going to convince you why you should love January too! I know this month is not favoured by many and it is easy to see why… back to work after the festivities for many and the weather is not at it’s greatest. But why not look at the first month of the year through rose-tinted glasses? let’s have a positive start to the year, hell; to the new decade! Start as you mean to go on in 2020.

Why you should love January

1. Finally, Your Home is Tidy!

You get to put away the tree, decorations and all the Christmas presents and other bits of random crap that have gathered throughout the festivities. No longer are you chasing your own tail with the tidying, everything finds it’s place. You can’t deny it… there comes a point when you just want your house back. Bonus – your living room feels huge now!


2. Normal Life Resumes in January

Now you might challenge me on this as I really love my job (I know I’m lucky) But surely everyone loves to get back to routine. None of that ‘what day is it even?’ If it’s not got a name (Christmas day, Boxing Day etc) we have no bloody clue. Also, the kids return to school… don’t deny it… your ready to pee in peace and not have someone shouting Mummm every two minutes haha!


3. It Signals the Start of a Brand New Year!

You can put the past year behind you good or bad and think about your hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Added to this is the fact you can start using a brand new diary (sorry – stationary lover here! I still adore a paper one)


4. We Enter the Second Half of Winter

My other half just pointed this out and he is right! Here in the UK we are halfway through winter, yay! perhaps the worse months are still to come but we are halfway through guys… hang on in there!


5. I Love January for Setting Goals…

I love to plan, try to be organised and set goals. What are your plans for 2020? Don’t just saunter through life from month to month with no direction… go plan those goals… you will feel great when you achieve them. I share my goal setting tips to help you level up in 2020 here!


6. New year New me! It’s Time to Get Fit!

Everybody loves to make January the month they commit to fitness, motivation is at an all-time high and it’s great to see. Be a cheerleader for your friends and offer support as they start out on a new fitness journey. In my 10 ways to stay motivated to exercise post, I give you my tips to help you see your fitness journey beyond the first month of the year.


7. You Spend Less Money in January

Everyone is skint in January so nobody will be wanting to do much, therefore, you will be able to save money by staying in. This is only a good thing after the hectic month of December where endless nights out and activities with the kids are sure to have left your bank account crying. Never mind the expense of gift buying and feeding everyone. Yep, it’s time to embrace the cold dark nights with a new Netflix series.


8. Finally… The Shops are Empty!

You can actually see things in shops… no, but seriously… I LOVE to shop but December is torture, saying excuse me every few seconds as you navigate yourself through crowds to find things and don’t get me started on the queues!! An added bonus is the sales if you can be bothered rummaging through (I fast lose patience!) but then again why even leave the comfort of your own sofa? Online sale shopping has never been better!


9. Looking at Holidays

With Christmas done and dusted January is a great month to look at holidays. Where do you fancy going this year? start weighing up your options. Planning where to holiday will give you something to look forward to.


10. Birthday Month!

Yay! It’s my birthday month! Okay, so that’s a reason for me to love it not you unless you are a January baby too… If so Happy Birthday!

So that’s it… is there anything you would add here? Happy January guys! Make it the start to a fabulous year.

Rachael 🙂 x

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