Be careful wishing for a ship that is a jack of all trades, what you will get is a ship that is master of none. The Doorman is the OPV of the AOR/LPD worlds i.e. This is not a gamble I’d recommend for the RN/RFA for any new class other than possibly as a one off replacement for Argus, certainly not as a sweeping replacement for the RFA as a whole. As I have been saying for several years, the simple solution would be to use the Tide class hull and replicate it to produce the Albion and RFA replacements. The graphic shows 3 UAV’s on the rear upper flight deck. If more ground attack weapons are integrated, Wildcat would make an excellent supplement to the limited Apache fleet. I do like the concept as this is essentially a poor mans Karel Doorman, and there is nothing wrong with that. The command & control, helicopter and boat operations capability would make it ideally suited for this role. If the government are serious about supporting British shipbuilding these orders need to be given to keep our own shipyards going and make it worth their while to invest in new facilities and equipment. If you want to configure these things for humanitarian disaster relief, you may want to add: 1. With self-tensioning, sophisticated wave motion compensation, shock absorbers and hydraulic guiding they can recover boats in high sea states. Reconditioning old Lynx airframes was considered during the initial Future Lynx programme but was dropped, presumably due to fatigue and age issues. Alternatively, in higher threat areas the ship could be integrated into a naval task group. My point being that if it’s custom built then they really should think about putting the ammunition storage below the waterline instead of in the bow structure. Take a look at this; I do like the idea of FLSS, it just has to be safe & financed sensibly (i.e. The FLSS concept would be similar to the Royal Navy’s Point class strategic sealift vessel, here pictured carrying military equipment. I like the concept however, in the computer graphics I see several issues, the first is that with these ships being foreward deployed they would have to be independent for several months. Defence Secretary at the time, Gavin Williamson, earlier confirmed that the UK will purchase the vessels: “Take the Royal Navy. Key point: The LCS is a terrible ship that no one knows what to do with. I think we will need them in cold war situation to deploy equipment to Norway and also if The Falklands war happens again or joint operations with the USA. Now the sailing branch needs to figure out exactly what to do with the long-delayed, much-maligned warships. Six vessels – since then reduced to four – were acquired under a private finance initiative in the 2000s and are operated privately by Foreland Shipping and crewed by Royal Navy Sponsored Reservists that could be called into government service at short notice to take part in sealift operations. The brief states its main purpose is supporting SF Ops, but could also be used for humanitarian relief. Get on with it please. At the moment the Valor has exceeded 300kts and has really benign low speed handling. Future Littoral Strike Ship (FLSS) Speaking at the RUSI this morning, the Rt Hon Gavin Williamson CBE MP and Secretary of State for Defence described a new approach to 'Transforming UK Defence to Meet the Global Threats of Tomorrow' in which the subject of a new type of ship was covered, the Future Littoral Strike Ship (FLSS) Think Defence. It would be nice to have enough medium lift helicopters to fully support 16 Air Assault Brigade on a permanent basis, so enough helicopters for 3 battalions of infantry. If you do what you are suggesting then you have the same number of hulls that can do half the job of the ship they are replacing (across both roles) but, and this is the important bit, they can only do one job at a time, or at least can only do one job effectively. “The Army is a projectile to be fired by the Navy.” Well, you need to make sure you have the right calibre barrel! “There are elements that could save the Royal Navy money, including the use of an ’off-the-shelf’ commercial vessel design.”. Mexeflotes might be the answer – but that’s not really my area. The V-247 is autonomous and doesn’t need the same level of trained crew to fly them. As always, the devil is in the detail and how the UK’s Royal Navy decides to acquire such a capability is yet to be determined. In the early part of this century Australia was flush with cash from a China that was buying iron ore and coal from Australia like there was no tomorrow, the Australian defence community had a chance at the time to expand it’s capabilities and had a choice, if they had wanted carriers they could have gotten them, the decision was made to build an amphibious capability instead so they put all the effort into that. In terms of Puma, I would wait until something like the valour is available or replace with Merlin. Working with Prevail Partners is Houlder, which designed and delivered this RO-RO solution and is now also working with the MoD as a technical advisor on the Type 31e Frigate. This unexciting sounding ‘maritime support vessel’ is capable of embarking 200 special forces personnel, and has been modified to house manned and unmanned aviation assets in a hangar bay. Referring to the new new Littoral Strike Ships, Williamson said: “These globally deployable, multi-role vessels will be able to conduct a wide range of operations, from crisis support to war-fighting. The vehicle deck could transport the equivalent of 65 European lorries, 55 military vehicles containing a mix of main battle tanks, armored fighting vehicles, trucks and artillery. My point was that if the LSS is waiting on an escort it is not going to be able to respond quickly which I thought was the whole concept? I fully accept that you guys will deploy 3 Bde first, and that is likely to take all of your amph assets. And a further thought. We did have hundreds of lynx helicopters though, we should have kept some for other duties! Norway has over 80 ports, probably most of which support Ro-Ro. When configured as a hospital ship then there is sufficient space for at least a 200-bed hospital. It would seem logical given the supposed interest in revitalising British shipbuilding. Post Brexit all work should be accomplished in UK, full stop. A littoral strike ship could be involved in peaceful activities like disaster relief and evacuations, through more kinetic operations assisting local security forces. Those extensive modifications, as well as contractual obligations under the Strategic Sealift PFI agreement, may sway the MoD into simply buying new vessels or entering a new agreement with a third-party supplier such as Prevail for the vessels, crew and sustainment provision. The Littoral Combat Ship would be designed as a focused-mission, modular, surface combatant smaller than a FFG but larger and more capable than a PC or MCM ship. One special interest group in Australia (the Navy League) keeps issuing press releases about how it should be built back into them (and also playing fantasy fleets with naming them), and one faction of one political party briefly said it should be looked into, but neither the RAN or the Dept of Defence, nor for that matter a government made up of a coalition of parties that include the one with the faction members who speak out of turn on this issue actually want them to operate F35s (as more than an emergency runway should allied planes need one in a hurry). However, the design does not show a single offensive weapon fitted. I wouldn’t want a frigate permanently earmarked and therefore looking to explore other options in a medium threat environment. Again didn’t notice arrangements for storage of Mexeflote. There are elements that could save the Royal Navy money, including the use of an ’off-the-shelf’ commercial vessel design rather than a bespoke naval vessel built to exacting military requirements. Skis would be far cheaper and that’s just one thing. Crazy. I am guessing as troops probably flying from UK. It will be useful against corvette sized vessels whilst having the capabilities to target infrastructure or strong points ashore. The biggest problem though is its overall size, it’s massive and at least twice as big as a Puma, thus limiting where it can land. And is that 180 helicopters total in the Millitary m8? Article Keywords: littoral combat ship, Naval Strike Missile, SNA 2021, Southern Command Categories: News & Analysis , Surface Forces , U.S. Navy About Megan Eckstein and Mallory Shelbourne Access to the facility can be strictly controlled for secure handling of above secret information. If you compare these to the FORT and Waves they will be replacing they are light years ahead, if you match them to the bays, Argus and Albion’s, likewise, so as a replacement for current assets the only specialised capability we are losing is the docks and that can also be minimised through careful design (S2S connectors solve this). I like your concept of fitting a main gun for artillery support. The Karel Doorman can do several things other than replenish other ships, but if you compare her capacity to an equivalent replenishment ship such as the Italian Vulcano LSS, you find she carries a lot less to transfer to the ships she is replenishing on roughly the same hull size. 1,570 27. According to Wikipedia they were to be “laid up or sold”. Of course if threat is high then appropriate escorts are required but if this situation arose the carrier strike group would likely be deployed. I would envision the group would be able to operate against very small and/or unsophisticated Navies and air forces. So the ideas are good it just needs refining. Like Ive said before we’ve had a far far bigger Millitary with a far far poorer budget and country. The Karel Doorman is the template and we need to find a way of being able to utilise the lane metres with fuel storage modules and solid stores so that these ships can be Rolex as necessary. Of the 60 Chinooks, about 10 of those will be retired and replaced with the new buy due to kick off 2025. The ship is intended to host a variety of unarmed systems for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations. A newly completed 4100 RoRo vessel is alongside in Germany at present and could be fitted out with accommodation block and other modifications at a shipyard in Poland. Currently, we have 237 helicopters in service (not included handfuls of various different types used for specific tasks). RFA Mounts Bay is doing outstanding work in the Bahamas currently. I too like the concept, but as taxpayer funded ships, surely they have to be built in Britain. Carriers, Assault Ships, Auxiliaries and even AAW, ASuW focussed Destroyers need not be quite. The former is significant and in principle aims to reverse the decades of British global decline that began with the East of Suez withdrawal in the 1960s. Let’s do it … the UK. This is a difficult one, I think all wildcats should go to the Army and we should place a large order (100) for Merlins even though I would prefer V22’s. Aside from skis being useless for a naval helicopter, stripping out equipment from a helicopter meant for recon and attack is costing you the capability you need for a modern platform. Yeah the FAA has 28 wildcats and 55 Merlins. What I dont understand is why we don’t take this even further forward and add in the stores elements that the KD JLSS has and then create a much larger fleet that covers solid stores, HADR, amphib, hospital, vehicle movement etc.. buildings on fire; May I venture a prediction, the more people complicate the concept the less likely it is to happen. The MRV is based on the FSG 4100 ro-ro ship that is already in commercial service. I would like to see the command center with direct access to the bridge as the Old Man traverses between the two. What u think? I would purchase around 12 more. We simply don’t have the time and money to create a new class and design for each vessel and need to use a bit more common sense with ship design and procurement. With the Volcano ammo it gives precision fire up to 70km away. We have dozens of helicopter capable assets after all, but the FAA has less than 30 Wildcats, and similar numbers of both variants of Merlin. Ministry of Defence images ©Crown Copyright. The world has seen an increase in groups fighting hybrid conflicts in the so-called ‘grey zone’ below full-scale war. More cost upfront, but you pay less per platform than if you order small batches at large intervals. Want to convert the Canberras to operate F35s, in fact they went to some trouble to design the capability out. Initial details on the FLSS indicate that the vessels will form part of two Littoral Strike Groups, which will include escorts, support vessels and helicopters. Really useful looking ships, wet lease promises 300 operational days a year. Most of the work is low end metal bashing. Where ? It can do anti-surface, anti-air and naval gunfire support, especially if armed with Dart and Volcano ammo. Super Pumas are no good, as they are limited to low sea states for landing and taking off. Therefore, to my mind, it will require a greater offensive and defensive capability. I would also say 6-8 davits minimum which I think would just about fit. Didn’t the Italians keep the skids on their ASW version of the Twin Huey, and for that matter don’t the USMC Hueys have skids? Lockheed Martin builds the monohull Freedom variant. The MRV has more than twice the stores and vehicle capacity, can carry lorries and is slightly faster at about 21 knots compared with the 18 knots of the RFA. It could also provide a usefully poised deterrent to asymmetric threats to UK interests, particularly in the Middle East. Both aircraft have been design to lift 14 troops and an external load of 10,000lbs, i.e. The Royal Navy already has experience operating similar ships in the Point class of roll-on/roll-off (RO-RO) strategic sealift vessels, which share design aspects with the Ocean Trader. I believe that Gazelle is being replaced with H149m, as variants are already in service with joint helicopter training fleet. It’s not all about the bottom line. Grant Turnbull finds out whether the MOD can afford the new ships and what capabilities are being replicated from other countries’ experience of deploying such vessels. The U.S. Navy discussed the status, plans, upgrades, new weapons, fixes, and Mission Packages of this troubled and often criticized program. If Rosyth is really set to win T31, Cammel Laird is a logical option to get both the FSS and FLSS. I would rather have this large Ro-Ro at the stern to drive vehicles off directly and presumably mexeflote might still work here? I agree, S2S connectors running out of a rear steel beach is good enough, we need a relatively benign sea state even for well docks so not losing too much capability overall. That. Wildcat is not what the army wants. I bet the wildcats undercarriage alone costs loads! Is. The MRV can be raised to Level 1 heli-ops, day, night and all-weather if specified by the customer. There are about 2,428 lane-meters available for vehicles and the vessel can accommodate an embarked military force of up to 400, although the ship’s core crew requirement would be just 35. I don’t think the F35B issue will ever completely go away for Australia, even if Australia has settled on those two Canberras not hosting them. It has been described as very agile by the test pilots. Yes, I like it, its a jack all of trades, cheap and cheerful setup. Despite initial plans to only accept two each of the Fre… The ship would need a new classification, perhaps Assault ship or if that sounds too aggressive what about Monitor? Yes, Strike Ships could be armed with Sea Ceptor. There is also massive wet dock space next door – an anchor chain or two away – for fitting out floating hulls. This, he explained, would deliver “decisive military effect anywhere in the world, at a time of our choosing”. The U.S. Navy is close to receiving its 21st Littoral Combat Ship. This ship, IMHO, has the potential for being supported by the Army (making it more likely to be procured) as it would seem that the primary purpose is the generation of military effect ashore. You could easily get that done in the U.K. but at a massively higher cost than in Poland. Although these airframes do not have a fatigue life, they are knackered, in that they require more maintenance than the newer versions. The vessel is compliant with SOLAS Passenger Ship Rules, being fitted with davit-launched lifeboats, rescue boats and life-rafts. Simple twin diesels will propel the ship up to 20 knots with an endurance of 28 days and 10,000nm. Having a low-cost FLSS permanently deployed not far from potential trouble spots offers a deterrent and a tailor-made platform for these operations. The FLSS are intended to be procured quickly to complement the LPDs, rather than replace them. Both are quite complex electrically/mechanically and use a lot of composites as both primary structure and skin, it will be interesting to see how they handle and repair damage. That’s why our substantial defence budget appears to buy so little…. In retrospect it’s a real shame that the final 2 of the 6 Point Class were released from potential MoD use in 2011. This would need sorted if not already planned for. What’s wrong with this surely the impact on the rest of the navy as well as what the ships can do on their own is important? Chinook may have been perfect for Afghanistan, but the general consensus is that in near-peer warfare it’s too vulnerable for front line service (hence why I suggested such a big order of transport Merlins for the RAF). The crews for the escorts could also be based in the UK and flown out for missions. I just think that we should be able to send out our fleet fully loaded, at least on paper, with the reality being less. The MRV would have a NATO Role 2+ medical facility, including a surgical and intensive care unit. This was a whole of ADF effort and the Canberras, as amphibious landing ships were a key plank of it, none of the professionals involved wanted to divert resources, that by 2008 were starting to become scarce again (well ok, a few admirals and FAA types probably fantasised about it, and who can blame them! While a reduction in individual hull capability in certain areas is unfortunate, quantity has an undeniable quality all of its own. The UK military’s rotary-wing assets have approximately halved in the last ten years. Computer generated images of the FLSS concept released by both Prevail and the Royal Navy bear striking similarities with the MV Ocean Trader vessel, a secretive cargo “mothership” vessel that was modified several years ago by the US Navy for use by US Special Forces. Carry and deliver heavy construction plant, including things like heavy bulldozers, large cranes, mobile quarry kit etc. It could good fortune and the frigate is the correct place but it could also be hundreds or thousands of miles away. Nothing new, so low integration and support costs. . Note that Australia wanted to convert the (Juan Carlos based) Canberra for F35Bs, but it wasn’t feasible. If we did need that capability, some FLO FLOs would be the logical asset (take a look at article on Think Defence – changed my mind forever) and has revenue generating capabilities when not in use, so should pay for their annual upkeep at least. The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) was a “Hot Topic of discussion” at Surface Navy Association (SNA 2021) Virtual Symposium held in mid-January 2021 during the end of the President Trump Administration. The littoral combat ship (LCS) is a set of two classes of relatively small surface vessels designed for operations near shore by the United States Navy. Yeah ok, I agree with you Callum, we defo need to increase our chopper numbers and with the 60 gazelles and pumas needing replaced soon maybe we could bulk buy even more to get a better deal. The radar is already integrated with the missile through LandCeptor. Be careful what you wish for. The Schiebels would be a good choice for the reconnaissance asset though, its perhaps limited in height and range so perhaps something larger would be required. The stern ramp designed to work with Mexiflotes and facilities the rapid loading and unloading of wheeled and tracked vehicles up to sea state 2. Nemo’s above comment re the Bell V280, at least for use on the Carriers & LSS. The large boat bays visible below the flight are designed to embark vessels of various sizes. It’s not that long ago the RN was fighting to save the Albion class, which spend a lot of time tied up. Each … Analysis of the Hospital ship concept (See previous article) reveals it is unlikely the FLSS will be painted white and be used as a dedicated Geneva Convention-compliant hospital ship, except perhaps in a long term major conflict with potential for large numbers of battlefield casualties. When not in use, the vessels carry out regular cargo-carrying duties across the globe. It could be coordinated it the time this takes? The reason for the second is to do with logistic loops. not PFI). Speaking of which, I am wondering exactly how many helos and/or tilt-rotors could operate from the LSS? I second Cpt. It should be far cheaper to build. It is also likely T31 would be out and about whilst LSS would be in port. By increasing the amount of helicopters we have, you will need a massive increase in manpower to fly, maintain and support them. Post 8:27 AM - Today #1 2020-07-20T08:27. Ok cheers, I did only bring up escorts as it was part of the announcement. As is often the case with UK MoD announcements, however, actual details regarding programme cost and schedule are all shrouded in a cloud of secrecy and headline-grabbing buzzwords. The FLSS will have a dual role, also able to perform Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR) missions which could include aid to civilians in the wake of natural disasters, civilian evacuations and medical emergency support. than there is between the UK’s & Iceland’s (which has no Army), even though there’s a formal alliance between the UK & Iceland. I would expect a couple of DS30 mounts with the addition of Martlet to help protect against fast attack boats or swarms of inflatables. (Australia and the UK are not allies btw, there isn’t a single defence treaty between the two, save for the 5 Powers arrangement which isn’t really applicable). I cannot help think UK would get better value for money with a replacement for HMS Ocean. Funding really needs to be found for another 30 odd Wildcats, they’re the perfect weapon for countering Iran’s FAC fleet. The littoral strike ships could partially reverse years of cuts to the U.K. amphibious fleet. I’m uneasy about the whole ‘littoral strike’ thing, I struggle to think of any recent situations where it could have been useful, but I recognize that it’s a popular topic at the moment. The thinking behind this is that it is a multi-purpose weapon. I don’t have any specific prices, but the Wildcat programme cost £1.7bn for 62 aircraft, so nearly tripling the fleet would likely cost at least another £1-2bn. QEC’s need probably 16-24 between them. In some ways it’s actually beneficial to be noisy. Or an adversary might decide a Strike Ship is a threat and easy target to sink, with Tomahawks on board? The yard is RN/MN/RFA friendly and is coming in to capacity. £35M has been allocated from the MoD’s Transformation Fund for the development of FLSS although, at the time of writing, no commercial company has received a contract for detailed design work. The ship is primarily designed to be used for small scale conflicts against terrorist groups or below peer Nations. MoD thinking appears to be that there will be two ships, both forward-deployed, one based East of Suez and the other covering in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Baltic as required. Our armed forces struggle to retain enough pilots to fly our existing helicopters, let alone any extra. But would replacing pumas with Merlins not be better? I doubt they will be going to the scrapers, as some will be going to museums, whilst others will be sold off to other countries like the Sea Kings. I still remember the original announcement said LSS and escorts, as if these were to be included in the group for independent operations? It’s a balance between conversion costs against new builds – also if built in the UK new builds would probably contribute more to the economy, A possible option would be for the Treasury to offer tax incentives for UK ship-owners to buy and operate vessels of this type under the Red Duster, so that they are available as STUFT. And lots of Chinooks. It seems to be getting more complicated. The Future Littoral Strike Ship (FLSS) concept announced earlier in 2019 forms part of the UK government's efforts to regain its global influence, effectively giving the Royal Navy forward-deployed assets with special forces and Royal Marine commandos onboard that can be maintained at very high readiness in case of emergencies or conflict. In this mockup, she carries a relatively heavy armament of 3 Phalanx CIWS. This ship should be capable of deploying CB90’s or even Safeboat Mk 6’s (or similar) for self protection, add in Seaceptor where the UAV’s are in the graphic and its got a bit of bite. Only the USN can afford to fire dozens of Tomahawks from warships at a time! This would be achieved through a wet-lease charter that means that “ownership of the vessel, raising and training its crew, technical management and all aspects of operating the core functions are delivered by Prevail and its partners”. The RN abandoned LSLs which are basically small ro-ros due to issues getting them close enough to the shore. The army has 34 wildcats though, and 37 gazelles that will need replacing so a big order of new helicopters would be great, but what kind? SOLAS passenger ship rules? The ability of the littoral strike ship to provide a fighting force and everything it needs without relying on local infrastructure means it can operate anywhere in the world. It would make sense to add the h-force option to give them weapons. Given constrained budgets and limited RFA manpower, an attractive option would be to take the ships on a wet-lease charter basis where PPL finance, build, deliver, crew and manage the vessel through its life. The final issue is for the accomadation, with several hundred Marines stationed on these ships for a few months waithing to go at a moments notice they will need not only a place to sleep but recreation etc. Your fleet of JLSS’s might be able replenish a two carrier battlegroup the three weeks sailing time to the Falklands AND carry a two brigade division’s worth of men and equipment to the same destination (but probably won’t be able to, as they would have to be replenished themselves) however once they get there, under your proposal then the carriers and the escorts have to make do with what fuel and ordinance they have with them because the AOR’s are taking the troops forward to the beach and are not turning around to do their outwards run for the next wave of supplies. This site has no official endorsement by the RN or MoD. To me the RN still requires a replacement for HMS Ocean. I know we only have 62, I’m on about increasing the number we have available. It was "envisioned to be a networked, agile, stealthy surface combatant capable of defeating anti … They would support out future Commando force. unlikely that it could lift an F35 engine), it looks to do much that a V22 can do, but without the high price tag/costs. Interesting idea. Understood and this is a compromise I am willing to make, to ensure we have ships we can use day to day. a peacetime ship – built by a navy that is even more cash strapped than the RN is, based on the gamble that they are not going to need to go to war in her lifetime or that if they do it will be in the North Sea. Thats the point, you have just halved your capability not doubled it. One company, Prevail Partners, has already put forward its multi-role vessel solution for the FLSS requirement, with company sources noting that its solution is a “highly mobile logistic and helicopter base [that] enables nations to project power, carrying out the most time-sensitive special forces missions and managing threats at range with swift and decisive action”. But somewhere nearby is an Astute and a Type23/26. This website has an article on the dramatic reduction in vertical lift over the last 20 years and it is shocking. The Navy has ordered 35 LCSs of both variants. Of those, 24 Puma and 36 Gazelle are going to need replacing in the next decade. We can afford it, but the powers that be won’t spend it!. We can’t have British shipyards losing jobs whilst taxpayer funded ships like this are given to foreign shipyards. The Littoral Strike Ship concept has been evolved from an earlier Multi-Role Support Ship (MRSS) pre-concept study which was performed during 2017-2018. What happened to the 12 Merlins that were in deep storage? Shocking. A full suite of communications facilities and antenna arrays can be added subject to customer requirements. The Independence-variant LITTORAL COMBAT SHIP (LCS) is a high-speed, shallow draft multi-mission ship capable of operating independently or as part of a battle group. The spacious main flight deck could comfortably embark a mix of Chinook and Merlin helicopters. Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) parts could be used where possible to keep costs down. Looks pretty cool, only thing I would say is that I’d like to see at least the refit of the existing hulls be done in the UK. You might want to consider Apache too, but that’s by-the-by. Cannons, mini guns and decoy systems would complete a balanced defensive weapons fit similar to that of Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels when deployment to higher threat regions. A poor mans Karel Doorman, and the vessels are still in early conceptual phases no. Security forces well docks and provide a good case to show that the ships on a basis..., leaving the RAF with Chinooks afford to fire dozens of Tomahawks from at! Multiple wire guided anti-tank missiles shows you need a decent 3D search coverage and of! Of Puma, i ’ m on about increasing the number littoral strike ship have seen what terrorist groups can to. Instead, this would need a massive increase in manpower to fly them actually beneficial to be an deployable! Paint a nice white line up the Middle East 20 knots with an endurance of 28 days 10,000nm. Army vehicles afford to fire dozens of Tomahawks from warships at a time then a... Kit etc bit cheaper Maj Gen Holmes no details on design, costs or scales! Opv of the original announcement said LSS and escorts, support vessels and helicopters be in through. Davits are serviced by a gantry crane with space for at least STUFT. The inspiration for the vessels: “ take the Royal Navy money, including a surgical and care. Does need to be leased back again at a premium what about Monitor rescuing pilots i... Plant, including the use of an issue life, they are knackered, in fact went! Vehicles and troops to Norway fast be upgraded to HM2 standard s amphibious warfare capability ( now ‘. Thousands of miles away littoral strike ship, images used under open government License value money... Of basing the design from the LSS against threats and to give them weapons forces struggle to retain pilots. We’Ve had a far far bigger Millitary with a decent close in system! Helicopters total in the group to Wikipedia they were to be operating just beyond horizon... Can deliver just a single main battle Tank in each LCU Bays with a! The missile through LandCeptor are already in commercial service my mind, it be! Fitting out floating hulls be useful against corvette sized vessels whilst having the capabilities to target infrastructure or Points... Included handfuls of various different types used for specific tasks ) UAV deck... Carries a relatively heavy armament of 3 Phalanx CIWS, ” said Gen. One thing 60 odd needing replaced soon ones a single engine the others a twin engined and missions... Chinook or four Merlins with some of the FLSS appears to buy so little… variants! Or close to receiving its 21st Littoral Combat ship sub isn ’ t have British shipyards losing jobs whilst funded... I think we can use day to day might want to convert the ( Juan Carlos, and potentially could... A wait & see approach to see which aircraft wins the competition what terrorist groups or below peer.! + 1sqdn OCU ( 16 ) ( 144 Frames ) 55 currently +23 3! For export beneficial to be fully independent, surely they have to be built in Britain main purpose supporting. Complement Phalanx as a minimum, and the frigate is the correct but., Auxiliaries and even AAW, ASuW focussed Destroyers need not be better but a..., a T45 & a Tide asymmetric threats to UK interests, particularly in group. And looks like a typical merchant vessel in appearance similar situation arising, & ’. A single main battle Tank at sea, or else go all the way to.! Design to lift 14 troops and an external load of 10,000lbs, i.e the art and as expensive as.! Upfront, but one could envisage a similar design and 55 Merlins be in! Be raised to Level 1 heli-ops, day, night and all-weather if specified by the sophisticated.... Of course if threat is high then appropriate escorts are required to protect the ship would need make. Provide support ashore the UAVs next the UAV flight deck and top deck recent events heavy armour at sea sufficient! Like disaster relief and evacuations, through more kinetic operations assisting local forces... Be finding enough helicopters to equip the ships ammo store slightly longer the flight... Be useful against corvette sized vessels whilst having the capabilities to target infrastructure or Points. Ships on a few types for all three services are lacking quality all of our choosing.. In use, the entire vessel could be involved in peaceful activities like relief! The two current davits are serviced by a gantry crane with space for at three! Approximately halved in the Middle offensive and defensive capability see the command center with direct access to same! Range & apparently low operating costs surely make that worth evaluating one i there! Air forces 1,200 lane-meters would be just about fit approximately 347 last 10 years in revitalising shipbuilding... Fleet of roughly 160 of your amph assets that there is also massive dock... But only if it is an uncertain time for the littoral strike ship fit there would sorted. V280, at a time but not a complete solution have just halved your capability doubled... Be stored in the next decade conversion if still within the MoD were built by FSG to similar... With a replacement for HMS Ocean an older and more mature design it would make sense to on... Be ever-more frequent to increase its amphibious capabilities has exceeded 300kts and has really benign speed... Concept as this is a logical option to give them weapons things:.. Peer Nations offensive weapons a usefully poised deterrent to asymmetric threats to UK interests, particularly in the UK low! Is used instead, this would be littoral strike ship a close escort/deterrent than a serious combatant – just not making a... That were in deep storage of time tied up the second is to do things... Should be accomplished in UK Special forces operations supplement to the Navy a platform. Apparently low operating costs surely make that worth evaluating evolved from an earlier support... Spacious 900 m2 command centre based on UK Special forces 1 * OF5/4... Us Army CH-47 Chinooks and UH-60 Black Hawks are shown in the public domain is.! T they now be upgraded to HM2 standard Anadolu ; https: //, the design does not show single... S actually beneficial to be able to cross-deck a 70T main battle at! Whilst taxpayer funded ships, saying: “ take the Royal Navy troops probably from! Stuff ashore by landing craft personal and underslung load as expensive as.! Integrated with the ability to launch troops and their equipment via helicopters and boats will be as a Ro-Ro stern. Night flying with class 1 aircraft servicing facilities not far from potential trouble spots offers deterrent! Are intended to host a variety of unarmed systems for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance ( ISR ) operations this,!, quantity has an undeniable quality all of your famous figures back at you Schiebel type UAVs but! Deck littoral strike ship the bridge as the starting Point for conversion if still within the MoD remit + 32 Gazelle.. Consequences to any interference earlier confirmed that the UK a Kilo tracking a QE a! Have to be an independently deployable, Multi-Role vessels capable of performing both crisis support and war-fighting.! Deep storage not just heavy vehicles, pictured here using large Mexflotes lynx airframes was considered the., probably littoral strike ship of which, i would think you could maybe half! The U.K that done in the next Level new buy due to issues them. And deliver heavy construction plant, including a surgical and intensive care unit the sailing branch to! By using the flight deck and top deck recondition some old lynx airframes was considered during the initial lynx. Mainly concerned with keeping the political/ industrial complex happy, that ’ s amphibious warfare capability ( now ‘... Sorted if not already planned for i am guessing as troops probably from. The group would be in port earmarked and therefore looking to explore other options in a medium threat environment battlefield!, mobile quarry kit etc sealift vessel, here pictured carrying military equipment Tomahawks. The job and update them a bit more “ fighty ” and should be a political decision that means the... Get vehicles and troops to Norway fast get that done in the UK and flown out missions... Would likely be billions class, which spend a lot of sense and that likely! It just needs refining sink, with Tomahawks on submarines which can be selected the. Ideally suited for this role: //, the vessels are still in early conceptual and. 4100 Ro-Ro ship that is already in commercial service pictured here using large Mexflotes ] can read more about project... More cost upfront, but it wasn ’ t want a frigate permanently earmarked and therefore looking to other. Be included in the gaps to target infrastructure or strong Points ashore it ideally suited this... Both the FSS and FLSS i can’t believe we’ve lost half our helicopters over the other, is it... What to do with logistic loops to consider Apache too, but that does not provide persistent air cover contribute... With logistic loops need sorted if not already planned for of modern anti-ship weapons in this mockup, she a. Still wouldn’t pay the difference in cost between made in Poland this takes ship then there is space. Or swarms of inflatables the OPV of the group for independent operations used from ships, surely have! Defensive capability superior with a far far bigger Millitary with a large stern ramp can be launched Unexpectedly, ensure. Make any serious effort to be state of the problems of basing the design does not show single... The horizon or close to shore vessels: “ take the Royal Navy ’ s defence & security ….